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Welcome Back

It’s been a loooong time since I have posted here. Well, time to change that. The experiment is over. Always been toying with other things. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, svbtle, medium, blogger, whatever. But I guess this is where I belong. Hell, I’m getting requests from this guy.

I focused on some other things.., which still is an experiment. Orignally it was a lifestream, on a few different services, then Posterous, which Twitter bought, so I moved it to WordPress, then Squarespace (which locks you in HARD btw) – and now decided to take some of the posts and move to svbtle. We will see what I do with it. Like I said, still an experiment.

In all reality I haven’t posted here since 11/2012.

What’s changed since then?

steve and olive

  • Life: Olive is almost a year old, our house is coming along
  • Work: I’ve promoted some awesome people and I have many less direct reports. I am getting into other technologies and projects.
  • Health: I started cycling. I’ve lost 65 lbs since 11/2012.
  • Tech: Chromebook? Macbook? Android? WP8? iOS development? Chromecast? Everything else? check. And more.
  • Music: Still rockin
  • Homebrewing: Yep, still doing that too. Need to do it more. I plan on it.

steve novoselac

I’ve cleaned up the theme a bit. Cleaned up some links etc. Still some categorization to here. Oh yeah, still have ads too. It pays for the hosting, and a beer every few months. 🙂


Looking at my Google Analytics, I can tell you exactly when Google Reader shut down…

Not even sure if anyone still reads blogs… do they? I know I do. Feedly is my drug of choice for a reader.


What do people want to read about? Let me know in the comments.. which I guess I might see one or two. Otherwise I will just make up stuff as I go, which is pretty much how I operate anyways.


Oh yeah, I love that Mase song – listen to the YouTube, it’s awesome.

Geeky/Programming Life Random

It's all in the family… My Uncle Matt is a MS Access to SQL Server Conversion Expert!

Last weekend I went out to Florida to visit my Aunt Jen and Uncle Matt, I have never been to Florida so this was cool. I knew that Matt had – I took a look at the site a couple years ago but never really dug into it. Turns out he is like one of the best MS Access to SQL Server Converters around. Now, don’t get me wrong – Microsoft Access stinks – but more for a database than for a front end. Using SQL 2000/2005 as a backend and Access as a front end isn’t TOO bad, really VB 6.0’ish. I would rather see ASP.NET Front ends, but it really depends on what companies want.

It was cool to have someone in the family I can relate to! Since currently I am working on Data Warehousing and SQL Server 2005 stuff, this was cool that we could “geek talk”!

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Geeky/Programming Life

Family Tech Support Lifesaver – TeamViewer

Earlier this week I read about TeamViewer on Lifehacker. I figured, yeah, just another gimmick, like GotoMyPC, whatever. So I just made a mental note and moved on.

If you ever have had to deal with long distance friends and family and their computers, you know what I am talking about. People don’t know what they are doing when it comes to setting things up, and since you aren’t there, they try to get you to help over the phone or IM, and it ends up being a debacle.

Steve Tech Support

Microsoft tried to add remote support in XP and Vista, but it just doesn’t work! Remote Assistance is what I am talking about. Every time someone tries to request “Remote Assistance” from me, I can never connect, it always ends up being back and forth trying to get connected, and not solving the person’s problems.

So, today my mom was like “I just bought a new printer, hooked it up to the desktop in the basement, but I want to use it on my laptop, shared , you know”

Well, trying to talk a relative through windows networking is basically like trying to talk Spanish to someone in China. (“Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature dude” [Walter from The Big Lebowski])

Anyways, I’m like, ok, good test for this new “TeamViewer”. I install it quick, on my desktop at home, Vista, no issues. Mom – install it. Give me the “Partner ID” and “Password”, in 2 seconds, I am connected. And remember now, this laptop she is on has 1 or more firewalls running, which is what is causing the problems in the first place with the printer sharing. I connected to her with no issues. So I poke around, get the computer name and just check it out. Good. “Mom – go install TeamViewer on the desktop, give me the info so I can connect”. I go play a song on the piano, before I am done, she IM’s me back the info, and I connect. No issues.

So now I have 2 remote’s up. I first disable Windows Firewall on both, try to ping each by name. The laptop can get to the desktop, the desktop cannot get to the laptop. Go back to laptop, dig around. Trend Micro running as well. Tried adding a subnet rule so it trusts the internal network. No Dice, not intuitive and I’m not spending all afternoon on this. Disable the firewall. Try pinging both again by name. Works. Add a printer, search the “workgroup” (I verified earlier they were the same). Find printer, add it, print test page. Done.

Tell mom – “you don’t need a firewall (or two) because you are behind a router”

Close TeamViewer, all is well.

I would recommend to anyone who needs to connect to someone remote this new TeamViewer app. Works great, and saved me time 🙂

Go here to get TeamViewer:

BTW, that picture is a representation of my l33t graphic skillz. Yeah, look out graphic designers, I’m coming for ya!

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