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It's all in the family… My Uncle Matt is a MS Access to SQL Server Conversion Expert!

Last weekend I went out to Florida to visit my Aunt Jen and Uncle Matt, I have never been to Florida so this was cool. I knew that Matt had – I took a look at the site a couple years ago but never really dug into it. Turns out he is like one of the best MS Access to SQL Server Converters around. Now, don’t get me wrong – Microsoft Access stinks – but more for a database than for a front end. Using SQL 2000/2005 as a backend and Access as a front end isn’t TOO bad, really VB 6.0’ish. I would rather see ASP.NET Front ends, but it really depends on what companies want.

It was cool to have someone in the family I can relate to! Since currently I am working on Data Warehousing and SQL Server 2005 stuff, this was cool that we could “geek talk”!

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By Steve Novoselac

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