MSN Desktop Search

My thoughts on the MSN Desktop Search.

When the Google desktop search came out, I installed it, and let it index my machine. I use Google for my web searching, so when I saw that it integrated with those results I thought it was cool.

The MSN Desktop search has other things though that make me use it now instead of the Google desktop search.

1) Deskbar – as you type, results show up – this is cool

2) Integrated in “Explorer” and Outlook – easy to find

3) Seems faster

4) More options

the couple things that stink are

1) MSN Web Search results aren’t as good as Google’s in my opinion. It would be nice to be able to specify what web search to use.

2) MSN Search should replace the Start->Search functionality in XP if you install it. The XP Search is worthless.

Overall, I would rather run a Microsoft Product (running google desktop search is like putting Chevy parts in a Ford)

MSN Desktop Search Beta

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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