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NewsGator 2.5 Upgrade – bad!

Ok, so I get an email from NewsGator, saying I can upgrade to 2.5 from 2.0 for free, so I go for it, install it, and now it doesn’t work. They say it is because I have .NET Beta 2 installed (I have the 1.1 and 1.0 installed also). They say no fix until the end of the week.

Did they not test the release? I can’t believe they didn’t see any issues before they released it to the public.

I am kind of peeved about it as now I don’t have NewsGator on my laptop at home.

Update: after many days of fiddling with newsgator support I have decided to install version 2.0. So I install it and it works great. I am waiting to see if any new version they have doesn’t have issues. This was one of the worst upgrades I have ever dealt with!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

4 replies on “NewsGator 2.5 Upgrade – bad!”

FYI – the .NET 2.0 problem was a known issue before the 2.5 release; when the release happened, we actually had a couple of guys on our development team up in Redmond working with the .NET team getting this resolved. We made the decision to go ahead and get 2.5 out the door, with a warning not to install it if you had .NET 2.0 installed:

“Note – If you have installed Microsoft .Net 2.0 BETA, NewsGator Outlook Edition 2.5 should not be installed. An upgrade to support the .Net 2.0 framework is coming soon.”

But in any case, your point is well taken. 🙂 We have a service release ready, which should be released any day now.


actually, if I recall, when I first downloaded the 2.5 bits, there was no disclaimer for the .net beta 2 issue, that came later. In any event, I have even tried it on another laptop where the .net beta 2 has never been installed and I was running into the same issue. 2.0 works great!, what happened? In any event, I got an email from support today too letting me know that the release was out that should fix any issues in the 2.5 first release.


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