Moving and Microsoft Betas

i am moving to a new apt tomorrow, so things have been kind of hectic lately. Cancelled my internet and phone, and right now i am “borrowing” a clearwire modem for the weekend, so limited connectivity. I have been using IE7 Beta1 for the latter part of this week and I think it is good, but still has a ways to go. MSN Messenger Beta 7.5 is sweet, voice clips are fun. The Hotmail Beta – needs alot of work! But I have subscribed to a few devs on the team and posted to their blogs with some things I am seeing. Installed Vista on seperate computer and have been playing with that.

Today I got the OneCare Live CD in the mail, haven’t had a chance to test it yet though.

And finally, I have been playing with doing a MSN Virtual Earth mashup, which is pretty intresting.

Microsoft is just coming out with new stuff so fast, it is hard to keep it all straight!

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