Sublime – What I Got (acappella cover)


I just went through my music library and tried to clean up some of the random songs. One song that was the hardest to find the answer to

What I Got (Sublime Cover)

That is all I had to go on. Listening to it, it was sung “A cappella” (acappella) . Searching the net, a lot of people said it was 311, which (lol) it is not, I am a huge 311 fan and trust me, it wasn’t 311.

In the Sublime version, they sing “I got a dalmation, I can still get high.
I can play the guitar like a mother fu*$in’ riot” but in the version I had to look up, they sing “I can play the guitar like a rubber duckin’ riot” so I searched on that, and still people thought it was 311!!

Finally found a message board where someone said it was the “The Stanford Harmonics” – good enough for me! If it isn’t them and someone knows what I am talking about please let me know!

They do start doing a medley at the end of the song, with like “No Diggity” by Blackstreet and “All Mixed Up” by 311, so that is maybe where people are getting confused.

The Stanford Harmonics

It’s on our myspace site now!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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The nail in the coffin for me was 2 things, before being a fan of 311 I am a huge fan of SA, and IT IS NOT SA singing anywhere in the song, and the other reason is that they say “xxx stylee….” why in the name of all that 311 represent they did not sung “omaha stylee still straight…” c’mon! OMAHA STYLEE one of the greatest songs of 311, they have def sung that


Here’s my favorite response so far:

“It’s a college acappella group called Rockapella”

Jenny, you are adorable. In fact, this whole thread is adorable.

AVP rocks my box.


personally i have been in love with the acapella version of that song since the day i first heard it. if anyone has any information on who sings it please let me know, its a borderline obsession that i have with it haha.


okay im sorry i am posting so many in a row, i had not read all of the posts before commenting.

please do not even start down the road that is rockapella, i have seen them in concert many times, and have all of their cds. it also says on their website that many songs on the internet that say were created by them, actually weren’t such as basketcase and what i got.

its not 311, thank you to whoever solved that debate.

now my problem, if anyone can figure out how to download this i will be eternally grateful.

thanks :]


this entire thread is funny as shit, but informitive. i’ve had that song under 311 for the longest time, now i can finally solve this mystery.

thanks out to everyone who contributed

well now that the case is closed, is this thread dead?


Out of all the posts here, my favorite (due completely to the irony of when it was posted) is kyle’s post. (The very last post prior to what I’m typing now…)

Kyle, who asked “well now that the case is closed, is this thread dead?” just happened to have posted his thoughts on, of all days, 3/11 Day, just about the time 311 was hammering through their second set in New Orleans.



please for the love of god post a link or something to download this song… i have been searching for hours to no avail. please help me out lol


Alright, if anyone is still looking to hear this song online, I just posted it on AVP’s server. If this is not CONFIRMATION that this is the Academical Village People, I don’t know what is. It was done on the album “Calabash” in 1998, and was never, ever performed by 311.

Download it with this link:
[audio src="" /]


The “311” version, is a rendition done by 311, Beck, and another group, as a tribute to the death of the lead singer of Sublime. Also explains why they don’t curse in it. The “Avp” version, well, I haven’t heard it, but it’s definately something different. Hope this clears things up.


And now a little over 6 years later in 2012 I am also cleaning my music library and have the same track “What I Got (Sublime Cover)” listed as 311.  Thanks to this thread, I can list the correct artist as AVP


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