So in my last post, I mentioned that I was working on my music library. Well, I have it pretty much clean (as clean as you can get a 10 year old mp3 library). I decided to check out Orb (http://www.orb.com/) which lets me steam out my library so I can listen anywhere with a web connection. What is really cool as I can listen to my library as a 3GP stream on my phone. Right now I am streaming 311 from my computer to my phone and listening to it with headphones, how cool is that! The quality isn’t cd quality or anything, more like internet radio.

I tested just from a pc and it streams at 128kbs which isn’t bad at all. For sure you want shuffle on as it is just live stream. There can be a little skippage as well, like a song will just skip 50% in and goto the next, I don’t know why…maybe I will look at the support forum.

Anyway, something cool to play with at least 😉

Update: I tried this out at work and it worked very well, no skipping at all. I am liking it

2 thoughts on “Orb

  1. I just recently got that very same song and I thought it was odd actually that 311 cover melody there own song… in a cover of sublime and it REALLY sound a lot like that. so thank you for clearing that up.


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