Installing IIS – Cannot find STAXMEM.DL_

Ahhh, IIS, gotta love it. Nothing can ever be easy.

So, as I am trying to install IIS on my Dell that I just reformatted, I get this:

Cannot find the file STAXMEM.DL_ in my C:i386 dir. hmm….

well, after a little looking, if you run this command

esentutl /p %windir%securitydatabasesecedit.sdb

If you then retry the install, it should work

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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microsoft sucks at pretty much everything. i can’t stand them more and more each day. WHY would something like this have to be done to install a freaking windows component? and why would they lead you down a road leading to nowhere? why? because that’s what they freaking do.

unfortunately i have to install iis on my machine now because my company bought another business that runs all their web apps on microsoft crap called .NET no disrespect to all the .net guys out there, but man, i’ve been programming some decent web stuff for years using php, cold fusion even asp but this .net stuff is just wrong. you have to have a machine that’s TOP of the line to even load the freaking visual studio on, and forget about opening up a large project unless you have 2 or 3 gig of ram.

stevie – you are the man. saved my a@@ here on a late friday night.


@rdmjr ,

Yes rdmjr, Yesterday only I installed tat IIS and Visual studio for my company projects only. I hate their specification for hardware requirements and even the every component installation.

I’m the good PHP developer. But I heared about ColdFusion.

hmm… check out their Live(eg. Live Drive) Products.. It is also sucks…


Ok, Steve, i tried that, but didn’t worked…
but something else did.
Here’s what i did
1] Just check the support page given by Microsoft
2] Now, mine was 2nd problem, i.e., the “secedit” database
was all fine, (integrity check successful).
MS says, the file actually is missing from the XP SP2
installation and we need to add it from the XP SP CD.
I was not having the XP SP CD, hence i did the foll….
(a) Create a “winxp” folder in C:
(b) Copy “I386” folder from setup CD in winxp.
(c) Download the “staxmem.dll” file from the foll.
(d) Now, install IIS, and give “C:winxp” as the path.
and hopefully, it shud work for all of u.

If you find, aby issue or error in the above procedure, do mail me.

Thank you.


Can someone tell me how to get the command prompt while in the middle of an installation? Other dl_. files can not be found also. Thanks.


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