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DishNetwork – Do Not Call Me!

So, after 5 years with just a cell phone, I now also have a home phone number. I get soliciting calls from Dish Network once a week. I put my number on the do not call registry, but it just must not have gotten through to them. So I get a call tonight, a recording, offering me dish network. Now I could just hang up, but I listen, and hit 1 to get to a rep. The guy asks me what he can do for me since I am interested in satillite service. I respond – “Please take this number off your call list”. And his respone? “click” – he hangs up! WTF?!?!

Now, I don’t have caller id, im sure it would have been blocked anyways, but are you serious? Do they now they by hanging up on me I am ever in my life going to consider getting DishNetwork service? This post is probably already to much lip service to them. I guess I just thought that maybe they wouldnt want to get in trouble for not abideing by the DNC registry, guess not.

Next time they call, I will ask them what they number is I can call them back at, so I can do the same thing to them every week.

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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I am living the same hell now over last 6 weeks. I have already told the DISHNET callers that I am in the Fed’s Do NOT CALL list and I would insist to take my off DISHNET’s list and sure, next week, rught when I try to relax in the evening comes their most annoying “How are you doing today …(and let me ruin your evening…)” call. After I log this, I will also go for the Fed’s website to see, if I could follow-up more on this.
Thanks for having this blog to share this.


I’ve been getting these calls for the last month. They don’t seem to give a shit whether or not your number is on the list because I’ve been on it since it came out.

I’m getting these calls DAILY, and always asking for a Mr. Mohandar. I used to just tell them that they had the wrong number, believing it to be some collection agency. But the calls never stopped. Hell, I even had one of their reps ARGUE with me that technically, they did have the right number since they were dialing it properly. I was livid, but still no clue who these assholes were.

I have been polite, I have been a bitch, I have tried to get them to stop calling me for a long time. The probelm was, their number comes through on my caller ID as “Unidentified”. I didn’t even know who in the hell they WERE until today. Today I tried a new approach.

As soon as they asked for a “Mr. Mohandar”, I didn’t tell him he had the wrong number, I just asked politely “May I ask who’s calling please?”

Information: George, of Global Dish Network. George was even polite enough to give me a call back number when I asked for it:


Whether or not it’s valid, I do not know. I intend to find out when I register my complain against them by going to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Fuckin’ assholes.


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