What can Brown..

do lose for you?

I blogged a few days back about the T-Mobile Dash I ordered. Well, today I got the package, and I am all giddy like a school girl to open it, and I do, and….

Bowling Shoes
Yep. Bowling Shoes. I can’t wait for Monday!!!!

Do you have wristband?

So, last night, two of my step sisters and their cousin were in town, and we headed out downtown. Funny thing, at the Red Carpet, they had Johnny Holm in the band room, but it was like a night where it was a benefit concert and the cover was 10$. Earlier in the evening, we were at DB Searles, and there was a 3$ cover. When we paid at DB’s, we got bright green wristbands. At the Carpet, the wristbands were white and orange. The thing is, people working the door didn’t seem to know the colors. All they cared was “Do you have a wristband?”. If you did, boom – you were in, no questions asked. I was in there for a while, and kind of felt bad, so I wanted to just go to one of the ladies working the benefit and just give her 20$ for the charity or whatever, so I went to the ATM, and what do you know – it was out of order.

I guess the thing is, which baffles me, is that the people working the door, just had to add one qualifier to their question, and the benefit would have probably made more money. “Hey – do you have a orange wristband?” 🙂

DishNetwork – Do Not Call Me!

So, after 5 years with just a cell phone, I now also have a home phone number. I get soliciting calls from Dish Network once a week. I put my number on the do not call registry, but it just must not have gotten through to them. So I get a call tonight, a recording, offering me dish network. Now I could just hang up, but I listen, and hit 1 to get to a rep. The guy asks me what he can do for me since I am interested in satillite service. I respond – “Please take this number off your call list”. And his respone? “click” – he hangs up! WTF?!?!

Now, I don’t have caller id, im sure it would have been blocked anyways, but are you serious? Do they now they by hanging up on me I am ever in my life going to consider getting DishNetwork service? This post is probably already to much lip service to them. I guess I just thought that maybe they wouldnt want to get in trouble for not abideing by the DNC registry, guess not.

Next time they call, I will ask them what they number is I can call them back at, so I can do the same thing to them every week.