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King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Thursday, I went and caught the last showing of “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”. What a hilarious movie. It is about basically, the Donkey Kong world record. This guy Billy Mitchell had it in 1982, and this guy is just a real character, like thinks he is the best player ever, just very cocky. Then this guy Steve Wiebe beats his record but there is all the controversy behind it, tons of video game nerds in the movie getting excited over high scores and things like that, just so funny…


It is funny because all of these guys are like in LOVE with Billy Mitchell, and they don’t want him to lose his record, but Steve Wiebe just keeps coming back, and finally they have to accept he is better..

some of the quotes are just great, especially from their little daughter

“Work is for people who can’t play video games”

“Some people ruin their lives to get in there” (talking about the Guinness Book of World Records)

and there are tons of other quotes from the other people in the film that just make you laugh. If you have a chance to see this movie, I recommend it!

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Burnside: The Movie

As some of you might know, I live on W. Burnside St in Portland, OR

Yesterday I stumbled on a site promoting a movie of the name “Burnside”

I watched the trailers, it is shot in Portland, about the trials and tribulations of some people that roam on Burnside St. Pretty cool to have the street you walk up and down every day in a movie 🙂

Thing is, I don’t know where to find a showing of it, or watch the whole movie, which I would love to see it. If anyone knows or knows where to get a copy, let me know

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Netflix Cracked Disc and Movie Review: Death of a President

Well, I have no cable, so I look for ways to get some digital entertainment. Lately I have been watching the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, so I can catch up and actually have a coherent conversation with Emily about the show (pretty sure it is her fave). I have been getting the DVD’s from Netflix. Thing is, disc 2 of season 2 was cracked like big time. First time I have encountered that, so I went to Netflix site, returned it, but now I have disc 3, which does me no good, so I need to wait. In the meantime, I went and checked out the Xbox Live Marketplace on my 360 to see if there were any new releases. Found one – “Death of a President” (IMDB and Wikipedia).

This movie is set in the near future (2008) and goes through the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush. It shows characters such as his speechwriter, secret service agents, etc talking about that day, and the investigation through the eyes of the FBI.

Throughout the movie you see how they go about figuring it out. First it is the environmentalist they target, who is organizing the protest that day. He doesn’t pan out, so they look at foreigners, they find one that was in the vicinity, from Syria, traveled to Afghanistan, This is great because they can use words like Al Queda, Terrorist, even though the guy really isn’t. Basically he gets convicted on these things alone.

During the protest there as a black veteran that got arrested on suspicion of the assassination, they eventually let go. You come to find out that he has a brother who dies in Iraq, and his parents are distraught. He comes to find that his father committed suicide the day after the assignation, and left a note saying he did it. Also the vet finds evidence in his house that his dad left that really shows he was planning it out, etc.

The vet tries to bring this evidence to the FBI, but they ignore it, they have their terrorist. Now President Cheney passes the USA Patriot Act III which gives even more power to the executive branch and law enforcement to take away civil liberties of the US citizens.

At the end of the movie, I was left with this. Right now in this country, if you are

1) Protesting against any policy of this administration
2) Someone who has lost a loved one because of the unjustified war (that now people are finally realizing was unjustified)
3) A foreigner

that you are in serious trouble. Really the administration is out to get anyone who doesn’t agree with the crazy foreign and domestic policy. They try to use the term “Patriot” to describe someone who is in total agreement with them, even though common sense shows that the policies they are pushing really aren’t the best for anyone, well, maybe their pocketbooks.

People should really watch this movie, it is really cool how they actually have footage of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, I am assuming they took from current speeches, etc, or it is computer aided video, but it is pretty cool, convincing. I always wonder if maybe aliens get transmissions from Earth, and if they did, they might think this is real if they miss the beginning and ending 🙂

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Dude, I'm the Man of the Year!

I know everyone has been talking and blogging about this, but does anyone remember this? I think I need to get one of these mirrors.



Can you say it? Zathura. Went and saw it Friday night. Pretty good movie. About a board game that brings the game to life with a adventure across space. It seems like most people can’t pronouce the name, which is weird.


Star Wars

Went and saw Star Wars Revenge of the Sith last night at the cheap seats ($1.50 a seat – not bad!). I thought it was good. It is a good story overall throughout all the movies. I also downloaded and watched a fan film, almost like version 3.5 or something, called Star Wars Revelations. I also fell upon the WikiPedia for Star Wars and was reading all the timelines and stories and about the characters and worlds. If you are into Star Wars, then check it out.


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Went to go see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tonight. Pretty good movie. I liked the part where they went to the “church” of the noses/handkerchief or whatever it was. I wonder if people see church today like that. From the outside looking in, church here looks just as goofy.

I heard there was going to be a trilogy, I’m sure they would be good movies.

Official Movie Site


Computers in Movies

I am a big movie fan, but what I always end up doing is watching for what types of computers they use. For example, I saw “National Treasure” this weekend. All they used was HP – EVERYTHING. Monitors, laptops, etc. They must have had a deal with HP or partnership. Then I watched “Swordfish” on dvd = they use Dell, and the “Italian Job” – all Dell. I think in “Swordfish” they had Dell, but they were running some weird or old version of IE, or like IE in kiosk mode. It is always fun to see what movie makers do with technology, and if they get it right. Like in “Swordfish”, they talk about getting a DS3 connection to the house. 28 T1’s ! Woah, alot of bandwidth. There are also some movies who try to come up with like their own OS and interface, those are fun to. Like if you are a hacker you see this magical mystery land in your computer. Wouldn’t that be cool to see in real life? Like you are on some acid trip in your computer and everything is 3D. Maybe one day, but until then, you can still watch for computer products in movies because the more technological people get, the more common they will be in productions.