Coborns Delivers!

What a great service – grocery delivery!! So last night I logged into and signed up. I browsed around and chose what I wanted, filled in my info and said, deliver my groceries Monday night between 8 and 10 pm. So tonight at like 8, ding dong. Here they are. Everything good to go, easiest shopping I think I have ever done. And no dealing with people at the store! No more oblivious people wandering the aisles thinking whatever they are doing is more important than everything else around them. No more loading your car, driving home and smashing up your bread. And the best part – they even deliver beer! – money!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

6 replies on “Coborns Delivers!”

top 3 places to meet people (girlz)
1. laundry mat
2. grocery store
3. church
i know you don’t do church and you have a laundry room at your apt – so u really should get and do your own grocery shopping, lol. u never know you might just run into the girl of ur dreams. u could both be reaching for the chocolate milk at the same time 😉


Steve: I tried to login and sign up for and filled in the form four or five times and submitted and I had to repeat the process.
No luck. I must be doing something wrong. How can I get some help?


I went on to coborons site to oreder my groceries. Shopped for two hours and went to the check out. I was unable to place my order. So i called the customre service. I explained to them my problem, and when i metnioned i was trying to pay with food stamps they were immmeidatley very rude. I asked to speak toa manger and was hung up on. I had to call back. 20 minutes later I found out they do not accept foods stamps. That is craxy because i was buying FOOD! a person should be able to pay for FOOD with FOODSTAMPS! I told them that if they do not accpet foodstamps they should post that on their site so that people know. They said they would not do that. Never once did they appologize for my loss of time or furstation. I would NEVER reccomend this company to ANYONE!


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