2007 – The Year Without McDonalds

In December 2006 I decided to not eat fast food (mainly McDonalds) anymore. The last time I had McDonalds was December 26th 2006 – I had breakfast with my stepsister Mel in Hibbing. I went all of 2007 without Mickey D’s and I would have to say that I am happy. I don’t really miss it. Sometimes I crave some chicken nuggets, but overall I am good. As far as other fast food, I did go to Burger King around 3-4 times early 2007 – Jan/Feb time frame, but since then I haven’t hit anything like that, Taco Bell, Arby’s, etc. Although I will have to admit sometimes it is hard to find a place to grab a bite, say if you are traveling, on the side of the road, that IS NOT fast food.

On a side note, in late September I heard October was Vegetarian Month, so I decided to try not to eat meat for all of October, and, believe it or not, I did it, and no, I did not die.

The year without fast food added in with walking around PDX like crazy, plus running (oh yeah, I started that again in PDX – for another post), I did lose some pounds, which is always a good thing..

Now just to not drink as much beer, give up wings and pizza and I will be really good… 🙂

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Total Geekdom: Ordering Pizza Via Text Message

So I read last week you could order pizza via text message now, from Papa Johns. Was feeling like some pizza last night, so I decided to try it out. I already had an online account at Papa Johns, to order delivery, so I went there and checked it out. I set up 4 favorite orders, and then texted FAV to 47272. You have to have your mobile set up in your online account so it knows it is you first.

Once I texted FAV, it texted me back with my 4 options I set up, and I texted back FAV1 to order my first favorite. It wanted me to confirm, so I texted Y1 to confirm. Since I already had it set up online to deliver to my apt, and the tip amount set, and to use my check card as payment, I didn’t have to do anything. 35 minutes later, the pizza shows up, I sign the receipt, and all is good.

I think the next logical step is for me to just “think” about pizza and they just bring it to me automatically.


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Yes Mom, your son can cook…

Cooking. A chore if you will. Usually takes too much time, comes out wrong, and makes a mess of the kitchen. I usually don’t cook and if I do it is something simple. Last week Emily made us Lasagna (which was very good), so I thought I’d return the favor and make Salmon.

I’ve never cooked it before, so it was something new. Also, I have zero spices (why have them? for pizza?) so I ran to the store to pick them all up. After all that, I started on it. Mixing the spices and such, and then cooking it. It turned out OK I guess, I really don’t eat salmon that much, but we ate it and it didn’t kill us, so that’s a good first sign.

In a way, cooking is like programming. Take the requirements (the recipe) and then take some constructs (ingredients), put them together in a logical way, following some set of standards, and then test the output (eat! :))

Spiced Maple Glazed Salmon

Serves 2

1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
2 (6 ounce) salmon fillets
1/2 tablespoon maple syrup
1/2 tablespoon melted butter
1/2 tablespoon chopped green onions

Step 0 – Crack open a Coors Light – use throughout all steps

Step 1 – Make sure the salmon is defrosted – so if you buy frozen fillets, let them sit out for a day, or buy fresh fillets

Step 2 – Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Step 3 – Create the spice mix. Paprika, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and brown sugar

Step 4 – Put salmon on a baking dish

Step 5 – Sprinkle salmon with sea salt, then rub with spice mixture from step 3

Step 6 – Combine melted butter and maple syrup, and drizzle on the fillets, and sprinkle green onions on top

Step 7 – Bake for 10-12 minutes (15 at most)

Step 8 – Server with Salad, vegetable, rice, or something similar.

Step 9 – Open Wine, enjoy 🙂

P1000353 - Copy

If anyone is ambitious, try out the recipe and let me know how it tastes. Now if Microsoft would only make Namespaces in .NET called System.IO.Eating and System. Cooking I’d be set 🙂

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Portland Differences #5 – Fred Meyer

In Minnesota, you go to Target, or Walmart, or Shopko, or something else. In Portland, you go to Fred Meyer (wikipedia). Fred Meyer is a grocery store type Walmart but nicer type store. It usually has a Starbucks, electronics area, organic section, etc. There is one a few blocks from my apartment, and there are stores all over the city (all over the Northwest for that matter).

It is a refreshing change from running to Super Target every other day, or Walmart, or even Cub Foods or Coborns Grocery store.

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Coborns Delivers!

What a great service – grocery delivery!! So last night I logged into and signed up. I browsed around and chose what I wanted, filled in my info and said, deliver my groceries Monday night between 8 and 10 pm. So tonight at like 8, ding dong. Here they are. Everything good to go, easiest shopping I think I have ever done. And no dealing with people at the store! No more oblivious people wandering the aisles thinking whatever they are doing is more important than everything else around them. No more loading your car, driving home and smashing up your bread. And the best part – they even deliver beer! – money!


Doritos BBandR


Originally uploaded by ScaleOvenStove.

What will they think of next? I havent tried them yet, but I wonder how they taste. My favorite food in a chip? Dang.


More than just a geek – new grill

New Grill II

Originally uploaded by ScaleOvenStove.

Yes thats right folks, even I can do more than geek 🙂

Check out the new grill I got from my dad for my housewarming party. I just put it together today. Fun stuff. Thing is, I have a LP tank, just don’t have it filled it. I will probably fill it this week and let the grilling begin!!


Eggnog in Quantity

well, trying to make egg nog today (why not get drunk holiday style)…went to the gas station to get whipping cream as I thought it would be quick, #1 they are in pints so I had to do some quick math 🙂 and then I only had one quart and had to go back to get two, and the girl was like “wtf? – deja vu – what are you making, ice cream?” – no – egg nog!

Eggnog in Quantity
Adapted from “The Joy of Cooking”
serves approximately 20

12 eggs, separated
1 pound confectioner’s sugar
4-6 cups bourbon (or rum)
2 quarts whipping cream
pinch of salt
freshly grated nutmeg

1. Strain the egg yolks through a sieve and beat until light in color. Gradually add the sugar. While continuing to beat, slowly add 2 cups of the bourbon. Cover the mixture and let stand for 1 hour to dispel the “eggy” taste.

2. Add 2-4 more cups of liquor and the cream, beating well. Cover and refrigerate the mixture for 3 hours.

3. Beat the egg whites until stiff but not dry. Fold them into the other ingredients. Grate nutmeg to taste into the eggnog and fold it in. Serve with an additional sprinkling of nutmeg over each serving.



Grocery Shopping

Why hasn’t someone thought of this yet…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could goto the grocery store or Target or something, and as you put items in your cart, a little LCD screen attached to the cart would tell you how much you have in the cart as far as price goes? Maybe they need RFID on all items and a reader in the cart. I just hate getting to the checkout and then finding out how much it all costs, I why should I have to calculate it in my head as I shop..its 2005!


Buffalo Wild Wings

Gotta love Buffalo Wild Wings. We never use to have one here in St. Cloud, so back in the day some buddies and I would drive 40 minutes to Elk River just for 25 cent wings Tuesday’s!!!

Right now I am sitting at BWW in St. Cloud on my aircard just reading some blog feeds, drinking a Coors Light, waiting for some friends.

Now they have raised the price of wings on Tuesday from 25 to 35 cents, but it is still cheap and the wings are great. Hot BBQ and Caribbean Jerk are my favorites. Spicy Garlic is good too.

The triva is fun, and they have Coors Light on tap (my fave!) If they have one near you, check it out, its a very unique resturant.

Buffalo Wild Wings