Executing MDX – Errors

So, a while back I fired up Visual Studio 2005, and was making some Reporting Services reports. I need to do some custom MDX, and was getting errors trying to exceute it. WTF right?

Query preparation failed. -> Error in the application. (msmgdsrv)

Nice error, as always. So, did some digging, and actually found a hack around it, since running the update that was supposed to fix it didnt seem to want to work.

Query preparation failed.
-> Error in the application. (msmgdsrv)

Brian Welcher has a blog post describing the work hack around it to make it work
“To manually correct this, ensure the versions of msmdlocal.dll and msmgdsrv.dll in the following directories match the versions in the %Program Files%Common FilesSystemOle DB directory.

  • %Program Files%Micorosft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEPrivateAssemblies
  • %Program Files%Microsoft SQL Server90ToolsBinnVSShellCommon7IDE
  • %Program Files%Microsoft SQL ServerMSSQL.*Reporting ServicesReportServerbin”

I did that and it worked, which is great. But now I sometimes see some odd behavior with SQL and Visual Studio and I always wonder if something is jacked because of changing those dll’s. Well, hopefully I don’t see the issue the next time I reload my machine.

After installing Office 2007 Beta, SQL 2005 and then Excel Add On’s and God knows what else, it’s just amazing anything works on my machine. Fun stuff!!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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