My Mii can hit triples like Sam Crawford

Looks like my Mii can hit triples every time he’s up to bat accordning to Jen. (btw jen, thanks for nod, how about a link?) That rocks. Although I’ve heard reports that when he plays catcher, he sometimes misses sac flies. Oh well right?

The Mii/Wii system is pretty cool. I think if they made it easier to register consoles with your friends it would open up tons of possibilities. Also, if you could just play against your friends over the network, that would be awesome!!

Playing the Xbox 360, I see how easy it is to connect to friends and play, and with the Wii, it’s just cumbersome to get going.

I subscribe to Nintendo Power (yes folks I’m stuck in 3rd grade when it comes to video games), and they have a new game coming out, MySims. Looks pretty cool, but you have to design new characters in the game. Why not let you use your already pimped out Mii? And, if you want to really go Mii crazy, Kyle has some tips on how to get rockin.

Oh, and who is Sam Crawford you ask? Why, none other than the all time career triple leader in MLB. Ty Cobb is a close second though.

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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