How do you sell/get rid your stuff?

This weekend I started spring cleaning, minimizing. You can see I started with getting rid of cable. Instead of running a second Windows 2003 server, I am going to get a USB enclosure for the 80 GB hard drive and use that. I have a lot of things that I don’t use, don’t need, or just could get rid of.

#1 – My PSP – won it, used it, but don’t use it enough

#2 – My PS2 – played all the games, over it, time to get rid of it

#2.5 – PS2 Games – 32 games – taking up space.

#3 – My Beer Fridge – don’t need it 🙂

#4 – My Bass guitar and small amp – again, don’t use enough, don’t really need it

#5 – My Electric Guitar and Big Amp – don’t use it. They are old, if I want to get a new one, I will, and it won’t be a ghetto one.

#6 – Portable DVD player – don’t really use it anymore, and I have a DVD player here (Xbox 360 – what can’t it do?)

#7 – Ipod – well gave it to someone who will use it.

#8 – DVD’s – I have Netflix, easy enough to get them, or Unbox, or other online movie services. No use having the DVD’s . I will keep a few classics (Matrix, Goonies, Big Lebowski) of course.

#9 – Books – I had a bookshelf full of books that I have lugged around for 5 years. Well, the Library has them now, Magazines too (MSDN, Xbox, Nintendo Power)

#9.5 – Bookshelf – no more books – don’t need a bookshelf anymore 🙂

#10 – Clothes – A lot of clothes I don’t wear or won’t wear – going to Goodwill.

#11 – Junk – tons of junk and pack rat stuff, throwing it out.

#12 – Baseball cards – I have some baseball cards. I want to sell, need to figure it out, it really is a hassle.

#13 – 27 inch TV – I have two TV’s, the old tube and the new LCD I won this year. Time to consolidate.

I also have a ton of other stuff, old Nintendo NES parts if anyone wants (controllers, joystick, games, etc)

There are probably 1000 more things I could list, just to clean up stuff and get organized.

So out of the list, I have things on EBay,, Craigslist. Add that with donating, and throwing, you can really clean up your stuff. It starts to feel good when things are just what you need and you don’t have stuff all over the place taking up space, and you just end up hauling it around every time you move.

In my experience, I have found Amazon to be the best for media (DVD’s, Games) – although I will probably bring most of my games to a local store, and DVD’s too, its a hassle to mail them out.

EBay, for bigger electronics, but I have recently found Craigslist to work too. Still on the fence with this.

If anyone is interested in anything above, let me know, I will give you a deal, that is if its not already gone! 🙂

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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