Portland Vacation – Seattle, WA

After I left MSP, I flew into Seattle, WA. Pretty nice airport, nicer than MSP anyways. Walked to get my stuff, then outside. A worker guy was like “You need a cab”? I was like, yea, so he called one. I wait and wait, and then all of a sudden this small limo pulls up, ‘You Steve”? yea – that’s me. Dang, pimp my ride. Gave me a ride to the hotel, and it wasn’t to bad, nicest cab ride I ever had. (And I have had some bad ones, 15 miles into Mexico anyone?)

Once I got the hotel, the Inn at Queen Anne, I met up with Emily and we had a glass of wine, talked with a nice older couple, which was cool. We then decided to trek it up the huge hill up the view over Seattle and that is where we took some pictures of the Space Needle, and the view.

Emily and Steve - Seattle, WA

After that, we decided to head to a district in Seattle, Ballard. We heard that it had some good things going on, so we checked it out. There was a bar/restaurant we headed into, and since we chatted up the guy outside, he bought our first drinks, good stuff. We had nachos and wings (my fave!), then decided to find some live music. We headed to this place called the Tractor. There was like a 18 dollar cover, but it looked like a ton of bands were playing. We went in and the band that was playing was just horrible, couldn’t stand it, so we decided to walk after a while. Umm, yeah, got lost in Ballard, but the T-Mobile Dash with Live Maps saved the day (it was like the first time out of 100 we used it). Got a cab back, then walked around the hotel area, found a cool little pub, had some beers, talked, just had a good time. Not to eventful, but it was fun.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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