Portland Vacation – Waterfalls, Birthday, The Ocean, and Home

Well, it has been almost a month, and I want to finish blogging about my vacation. Yes I have been slacking 🙂

Saturday of that week, we went up the Columbia River scenic highway, and then went to a ton of waterfalls. Now, you might think, eh, waterfalls, but these were just cool. The scenery around them and the trails and just the atmosphere just makes it so awesome. We walked up the Multnomah waterfall trail, a mile uphill – whew! The view from the top was spectacular. 670 foot high waterfall. Just a great time.

Waterfalls 2

After the waterfalls, went to a really cool place, the McMenamins Edgefield Manor. What this place is, is a old manor that a brewery converted into basically a brewery park. Pretty sweet, just an experience, I had a really good time, and we didn’t even hit all the places they have to see there.

Sunday, the 22nd, my birthday! 27 years. Was pretty low key, but fun, we hit a bunch of different places, one cool hippy house/bar or who knows what it is, but it was cool, also a nice Irish bar, fun time!

Monday was up to Astoria, home of the Goonies 🙂 God I love the Goonies, when I was young I wanted to be one. Anyways, on the way up we took a really scenic highway, which was nice, slow and different. In Astoria, we just kind of stretched our legs, got some lunch, and headed down the coast. The next stop was Seaside, OR. Here we went out to the beach, had some fun, just soaked it all up

Walking to the Ocean II

After hanging out at Seaside, we drove down to Cannon Beach, aka the place with the rocks 🙂 We found a nice little hotel called Webb’s Scenic Surf. The owners were very nice, it was really a good experience. The room was on the second floor, just facing the ocean, man it was so cool! Open the door and hear the ocean, feel the breeze, just awesome. The next day, we walked down the beach to go check out the rocks, really reminds me of Goonies 🙂

The Rocks 3

After the rocks, we kept driving down the coast, stopping here and there to check cool things out. Then back to Portland. We met up with one of Emily’s friends and had some pizza (with broccoli? wtf?) and beer. Good end to the 2 day jaunt.

Finally, Wednesday, headed back up to Seattle, since that is where my flight was out of. Had a good time just looking for a place to eat lunch, and hit the sky. Sun Country is pretty good, I would recommend to anyone.

Overall the vacation was great, just awesome. I think now I should have taken more pictures, which then I think, I need a good digital camera, which then leads to other things. Some day 🙂 

Like all vacations, it went by too fast. Many things we wanted to do, but just didn’t have time to get to. The problem is there is just so much to do in the area, you could probably never run out of cool things to do! Fun times!


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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