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SSAS: Deploying Cube OLE DB Error – Login Failed

If you are deploying/building a cube in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and you get tons of errors, and littered throughout you see

OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON’.; 28000.

You should take a look at your data sources, and on the impersonation tab, play around with the different options. Usually it is set to “Use the service account” or “default”. I have tried “Use the credentials of the current user” but got errors back when deploying saying that the impersonation method was invalid for processing. I have found that “Use a specific user name and password” works. As I sit and wait for the cube I just finally got to deploy to finish, I figured I would write this up in a post. Your mileage may vary.

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By Steve Novoselac

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19 replies on “SSAS: Deploying Cube OLE DB Error – Login Failed”

Props Steve!

This was killing me in figuring out how to get around this error. The “use a specific user name and password” worked. I will add for others finding this post, however, that the user name should be the windows username and not SQL server’s. So, you’ll want:


Thanks again!


Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I was near a total melt-down in my head. Combining Steves and your post saved me from going totally crazy!!


Thanks much – this worked for me too. Earlier, I tried changing permissions for NETWORK SERVICE from inside SQL Server Management Studio, but that didn’t do it.


Thank you! I encountered the same problem, previously I only tried using current user, but the error still existed, then I specified the username and it worked, though it was just the current user.


thanks for the info… some added detail get to the impersonation tab via opening the Datasource designer window, or via double-clicking on the data source on the project list.I originally tried the properties of the datasource and couldnt find it there.


I got this error today. Your blog helped lead me to the root of the issue (the data source). The problem with mine, however, is that my data souce was pointing to a different server than the one that I was performing the Process on.


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