Portland Differences #2 – Booze in Gas Stations

To continue on my last Portland Differences post about gas stations, there is another thing different about gas stations. Booze. Well, not booze, but wine and beer. And it ain’t 3.2%.

Every gas station, 7-Eleven, or whatever store, they have tons of beer and wine for sale, pretty much like a liquor store.

In Minnesota, you can buy booze in the gas station, but it is weak 3.2% beer, which if you don’t realize it, if you start drinking it, you don’t feel it. Like water.

So, no late night jaunts to the liquor store in Oregon, just run and get gas, let the guy fill it up for you while you go get a bottle of wine.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

3 replies on “Portland Differences #2 – Booze in Gas Stations”

the only kind of wine a person should ever drink is boone’s farm.
and that’s not even wine.
that’s just extremely immature adults’ kool-aid.

you should stick to drinking beer with the big dogs.
or you could sit on the porch in your rockin’ chair and sip on wine. =P


In Minnesota you CANNOT but any alcohol at a gas station. Your report was wrong. Native Minnesotan and fully knowledgeable. In Minnesota we have liquor stores which (until 2018) we’re open M-Sat between 11:00am and 9:00pm last year, 2019: Minnesota passed a law allowing liquor stores to open business for the sale
Of beverages on Sunday between hours of 11-6:00pm. (Liquor stores are the only peeps selling beer, wine and booze here in MN. On a rare occasion a CUB foods may have 3.2 Bud light…seldom happens. Gas stations certainly DO NOT).
Erroneously you made note of my home state which I know well.
I live I. Portland now and the laws are crazily different. I’m correcting you because your incorrect in your MN mention and that helps the masses, yes?


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