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HowTo: Upload and Tag pictures with Flickr, the right way

Flickr. Great online app, but uploading pictures through their website is pain at best. Other online sites have better uploading tools built right into their websites (MySpace, Facebook, etc). There is also the ability to tag your photos when you upload, but from what I have seen from all my friends photos, they aren’t tagging them correctly.

First, if you do any kind of serious uploading (more than 3-4 photos at a time), you want to download the Flickr Uploadr Tool onto your computer, then run it. What I have seen, in Windows XP, the Explorer Shell integration (you know, highlight one or more photos, right click, “Send to Flickr…”) always works, whereas on Vista, it seems to work off and on. You can either do the right click, or run the tool from the shortcut, and you should see a screen like this:


Now, you can either add more photos, remove photos, or click “Upload”


Here you can set tags (we will get to that later), add to a existing set, create a new set, and set the permissions. As far as permissions go, its all or none type thing. Usually I have a ton of photos from a day/weekend and some are private, some are public. What I do in this scenario is upload the public ones first (creating a set) then uploading the private ones after, adding to the set I just created, but making the pictures private.

Tags. Ok, Flickr’s tagging system is cool, but the biggest thing I have seen is people put tags for something with two or more words, but they put the tags wrong, so it shows up goofy on their pictures.

Here is an example. I just uploaded pictures from camping, and one of my tags was “Silver Falls State Park”. When I added the tag, I had the quotes around it, so the pictures have that whole phrase as a tag. If you leave off the quotes, the picture will have 4 tags: “Silver” “Falls” “State” “Park” – which doesn’t really make much sense. My pictures don’t have any silver in them 🙂

So, there you have it. The How To on uploading and tagging your Flickr uploads!

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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