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More Online TV: VeohTV – Best Yet

Since cutting cable, I have tried many different online TV programs. Democracy TV (soon to be Miro), TVTonic, Amazon Unbox, ITunes Video Store, Joost, etc. I finally got a beta invite to VeohTV the other day, and installed it Friday night. Since I am sunburned like crazy, I am holed up in my apartment anyway’s, so why not fool around with it.

It is the best online TV program I have used yet. First, it works with my Media Center remote. Second, it has all the shows from the major networks, the ones they have online. ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, etc – you can watch the episodes they have online but through Veoh, which is a better interface.

They have an extensive list of other programs as well, short podcasts and small shows. as an example. (TVTonic does have a beer channel though :))

I am now watching Jericho (from CBS), all the episodes, which is pretty cool, and there is minimal advertising. One thing with all online TV networks/programs is this, and it is a huge pet peeve, the advertisements volume is usually WAY higher than the show, its just ridiculous, I just end up muting it then, what do they think?

I have noticed as well, as the major networks shows are different quality and different options. ABC/NBC seem good, CBS on the other hand, choppy, lower res, and harder to skip segments. FOX seems OK as well.

I recently redid my desktop computer with Vista Ultimate (with Media Center) and I have that directly hooked up to my TV, which I have never done before, and I really like the experience – the 360 has the extender, but direct connection is much better. I have decided that I will use my 360 for Video downloads from their marketplace, and for games, and forget the extender for now. If I had two TV’s in different rooms, then maybe it would be another story.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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