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RealPlayer, SongBird, Flying, and Cameron Diaz

Wow, so anyway’s, I have been trying out the new RealPlayer ( and it is pretty sweet. I don’t use it to play anything, but what it does add is a little thing in your browser to download YouTube videos, and other flash videos, directly to your computer. Awesome!

Also installed SongBird – by Mozilla. It is actually based on the Firefox code base. Reason why it is so sweet? It “plays the web”. You goto a site with mp3’s in it, and it shows which ones, you can play them, download them to your local library, etc. It is pretty sweet, great feature. As far as a player? Not sure yet, it is 0.98 version, I want to see version 1.0

I am at the PDX airport right now waiting for my flight, NW 598 – if you are bored today, use Google Earth and track my flight! (I have blogged about this before) Heading back to MN for the week, 21st-29th. Should be a good time. Going to Nickelback on Monday, hanging with friends the rest of the week, heading up the Iron Range at the end of the week. My dad finally got high speed, wow, 2007…

Oh BTW – was at the pub in the airport, sitting next to Cameron Diaz, pretty crazy!

See you in Central Standard Time!

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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