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RocketDock and Taskbar – Trying something new..

A friend was complaining going on about how Windows looks bad and Macs just look so cool, yadda yadda, and as I dug in deeper, it was like, “oooh the pretty icons at the bottom” and stuff like that.

So, I decided to look into options for Windows with a dock at the bottom. I know Stardock has Object Desktop has something, but I have tried their suite in the past, just puts too much bloat on your system, and it costs $$ too. I found one and set up their system to by more “Mac Like”

Found another alternative – RocketDock. (gotta love the tagline: “The single greatest piece of software. Ever.”) – It is a sweet dock application, I like it so far. And, I have been using Windows since Win 3.1, and then 9x, and I have always had my taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the default. Well, after install RocketDock, I am trying something new – the taskbar at the top.


I have the RocketDock set to autohide, which is cool.It is a different experience, but I kind of like it. I still am switching the Sidebar in Vista on and off too, I have the App Launcher gadget which is nice, as well as the Battery Meter gadget…

If you are feeling like you need a change, check out RocketDock

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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