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iPhone Woes! Syncing Contacts

Whew, finally got my contacts onto my iPhone. How?

I use Windows Live Custom Domains, which then I use Windows Live Mail. As you would think, none of this is supported on the iPhone in any way shape or form. There is no “over the air” sync of contacts either. Blah.

So, I cleared out my Plaxo contacts, synced that up with Windows Live Mail. Good. Then, cleared by Yahoo contacts, synced that up with Plaxo, good. Then in iTunes, set my contacts to sync with my Yahoo Address Book, then manual sync to the phone. Finally have my contacts! Although, its a manual process! Yuck!

On the T-Mobile Dash (or any Windows Mobile 6.0 Device) – you can sync directly with Exchange, or Windows Live Mail – OVER THE AIR!! And if that fails, you can sync with your Outlook Address Book manually. Also, there are 3rd party apps that will sync your contacts on your device with pretty much anything. So far I haven’t found anything for the iPhone, well I am guessing because there are no 3rd Party Apps! I haven’t dug too much into the hacked apps to see if there is anything yet.

Next – syncing my Windows Live Mail – I am not sure if this is even going to be possible!

Side Note: one thing that irks me on the iPhone is it takes two steps to get to contacts, and another to see their info. Would be nice if there was a main screen icon for “Contacts”

Update: I found this  which I am doing now instead. The ITunes to Yahoo Address book sync is really flaky, it only worked once for me. And, which really is a pain, if I add a contact in Windows Live, I have to wait for it to sync to Plaxo then Yahoo, then Sync manually. Using the method at the live forums, I can sync my Windows Contacts directly from Vista. Much easier. Still work be nice to sync OTA though!

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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