Hacked!!! iPhone running T-Mobile

well, I did it. Bought a 4GB model, just finished hacking it, I have my T-mobile SIM card in, it makes calls.

Followed this to get it activated

then this to get it unlocked

EDGE Settings (Not sure if this is the best, but it works)

Settings -> General -> Network -> Edge
username: [blank]
password: [blank]

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

6 replies on “Hacked!!! iPhone running T-Mobile”

Hey Steve, So is this really workin out? How do software updates to the iphone work in this mode? Is there anything crippled about using the iphone this way (on tmo)? I’m on tmo and would love to do this, but im still nervous!


its working out good. granted syncing my mail and contacts isnt easiest since I am not an apple fanboy, but it works. The only thing that doesnt work by default like AT&T is the “visual voicemail”, which, if you get a VM, you just hit 1 like regularly and you can get to your VM. As far as software updates, that is an unknown right now. Basically when Apple comes out with the next firmware update, if you have a unlocked phone, you better wait till it is proven out that the update won’t break your phone. After a few days it will be a yay or nay, and then you can run the firmware update, or if it is a breaking update, wait till the hacker teams come up with a workaround 🙂


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