T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers – from T-mobile phone or Roaming

611 from your T-Mobile phone if you are in a T-mobile coverage area.

1-800-937-8997 otherwise (roaming)


Only reason I am blogging this is because I had a tough time finding it through Google even though it is on their contact us page (I think it should just show up in Google excerpt instead of me having to click!)

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Hacked!!! iPhone running T-Mobile

well, I did it. Bought a 4GB model, just finished hacking it, I have my T-mobile SIM card in, it makes calls.

Followed this to get it activated

then this to get it unlocked

EDGE Settings (Not sure if this is the best, but it works)

Settings -> General -> Network -> Edge
username: [blank]
password: [blank]

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T-Mobile Hotspot and OpenDNS – They Hate Each Other (And how to mend the relationship)

Whenever I go to Starbucks to work, I connect to T-Mobile hotspot, since it is included with my phone plan. Cool right? Well, not really. At home I have Comcast, whose DNS really really sucks. So I used OpenDNS, which rocks, and never has issues.

Thing is, because T-Mobile hotspot uses DNS to verify you and make you login through their “intranet” page, you can’t use OpenDNS, so I have to go switch my DNS Settings every time I want to connect, that is no good, gotta be an easier way right? Oh there is…dug into “netsh” (I tested this on Windows Vista)

Create two batch files:


Set DNS Dynamic.bat

netsh interface ip set dns “Wireless Network Connection” dhcp

and then…


Set DNS OpenDNS.bat

netsh interface ip set dns “Wireless Network Connection” static
netsh interface ip add dns “Wireless Network Connection” index=2


this assumes that your wifi connection in your network connection is named “Wireless Network Connection”. Run the Set DNS Dynamic when you are at Starbucks, run the other one when you get home. Easy!

I find this really helpful because in Vista, to get to your network properties for TCP/IP is like 18 steps/clicks, which is really a debacle when you just want to get on the Internet at a coffee shop!

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T-Mobile Hotspot Access with Total Internet Add-On

A few months back when I got my T-Mobile Dash, it comes with the “T-Mobile Total Internet Add-on” which says “T-Mobile Internet with Hotspot”.

Ok, cool. Access to their hotspots at Starbucks, Hotels, Airports, etc, right? Well fine, but what is my username/password for the site? (

Tried my phone #, and T-mobile password, nothing, just couldn’t figure it out. Finally stumbled across it on howardforums wiki – 10 digit phone number and last four of SSN, and on login it asks you to change.

So now, cool, I have access to the hotspots, This week it looks like I am going to have to try to get out of the “office” and work from a Starbucks for an afternoon, just to get some human interaction 🙂


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T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade!

I installed the Windows Mobile 6.0 Upgrade today on my T-Mobile Dash. Haven’t dug into the new features yet, but the looks of it, are awesome. New Icons, sleeker design.

Found the link here

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Geeky/Programming Life

T-Mobile Dash + GPS + Mologogo = Debacle

I have my cool new T-Mobile dash, and my Pharos Bluetooth GPS, but I just want more.

Currently I can see where I am on the phone using Windows Live Search Maps,  but I just want more.

I want to be able to post up my coordinates every minute or so, save them or map them or what have you.

Mologogo seems to be the answer to that, but there are always issues. First off, the site can’t seem to stay up for more than 10 minutes at a time. I did some digging and found the IP address, so I added that to my host file

Second, the SmartPhone version seems buggy, not feature complete like the other versions, etc. There doesn’t seem to be a place to set up a remote URL feature so I can post up the coordinates to my own server, which is really what I want to do.

Also, I am looking into GPS.Net again. I will play with the trial, #1 because the final version is 250 bucks, and previously I could never get it to work right. Maybe if I get something going I will just use that and forget mologogo.

Hopefully I can get something going here this weekend, I want to be able to track my coordinates as well as take a picture, upload to flickr or some URL and save it with the waypoint. Then I want to create .kml files for Google Earth so I can track where I have been, and photo tag them. Tall order for this weekend , but we will see. I will be on vacation in Seattle/Portland starting middle of next week and I want to track my vacation, like where I go, etc. We will see 🙂

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T-Mobile Dash – Tethering

Last week, I wrote about how much of a debacle it was to tether a blackberry. Well, I decided to see how hard or easy it would be to tether my new T-Mobile Dash.

I read this post, which just seemed to come at the right time. My wi-fi keeps dropping, so I figured next time it dropped, I would test tethering. It just dropped about 20 minutes ago. I took a USB cable, connected to my phone, Activesync fired up on the computer, said I was connected to sync. On the phone, got to the Internet Sharing app, hit connect. 10 seconds later, the computer was on the net. No real extra setup for tethering. They are making it way to easy 🙂

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T-Mobile Dash Smartphone Mini-Review

I have been using my new T-Mobile Dash Smartphone this week instead of my Sprint Pocket PC 6700. First off, the biggest difference is the size of the phones. The Dash is small, lightweight, thin, and fits in your pocket (weird, you would think “pocket pc” would fit in your pocket). The Dash is running Windows Mobile 5.0 with the messaging updates, so that is cool. It also is expected to get the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.0.

The Dash has built in wi-fi, Bluetooth, just like the PPC. Mobile IE, and applications to open up word docs and other office docs. There is a built in IM application that I just can’t seem to get working. The IM app has ICQ, Yahoo, and AIM.

One of the best parts of the Dash is the camera. The resolution is very good, and the pictures are the best I have seen from a cell phone. I haven’t tried video yet, but will soon.

With T-Mobile, there is an obvious difference, and its the myFaves feature. You can add up to 5 people from any carrier, and you get unlimited calls to them. This is a pretty sweet feature.

As well as all the previous features, there is Activesync with Exchange, the normal Windows Mobile stuff. The keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard, the keys are a little small, but I have bigger hands so maybe that’s why. With my T-Mobile plan I have tethering, but I haven’t tried it out yet. I have tried it on my Pocket PC in the past, and it worked, but was kind of a pain to get set up, Once I get going on the T-Mobile I will probably blog about that

All in all the T-Mobile wins out in my opinion. I like the Pocket PC but it is just too bulky. It seems that the Sprint device also is chatty on the network, where the T-Mobile device only connects when it needs to. The battery life seems better on the T-Mobile.

This post is kind of all over the place, I’m not a professional reviewer, but I guess you get the picture 🙂

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Blackberry Tethering: Error 718

Tonight I was helping out a friend with her T-Mobile Blackberry, trying to get it to tether to her laptop so she could use it for Internet.

Weird thing is, it worked 2 days ago. All of a sudden, stopped working. I tried everything, followed the forums and advice, turned off settings, removed all software, re-added modem, etc etc. Still got Error 718 (it’s a dial up networking error, and since I haven’t been on a modem in like, 10 years, I was cringing). The one thing that most places say is to add DNS entries instead of having DHCP set up for the dial up networking TCP/IP

Anyways, here is the stupid fix.


Argh! What a waste of like 2 hours “F’n the D” with settings.

Or, on the other hand, just don’t get a Blackberry to begin with 🙂

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T-Mobile Dash

I finally got my T-Mobile Dash today, I am busy playing with it. After a while I will post up my thoughts 🙂

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