iPhone: I can't hear anything!

So today my iPhone started going wacky. Couldn’t hear anything when I called or got called and no sounds were coming out, iPod, keyboard clicks, etc. WTF? The headphones worked, the speakerphone worked, just regular calling didn’t work. It would ring when called, and then yes, it dawned on must think the headphones are still plugged in! (The phone still rings when headphones are plugged in).

How to fix this DUMB issue:

1) put headphones in

2) pull out reaaaaaly slow, or really fast.

I tested by starting a track in the iPod, and then pulled out my headphones fast, it started playing.


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By Steve Novoselac

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[…] Thomas Ricker wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptiPhone: I can’t hear anything! 19 Oct So today my iPhone started going wacky. Couldn’t hear anything when I called or got called and no sounds were coming out, iPod, keyboard … in the iPod, and then pulled out my headphones fast, it started playing. yeeeeeessssss! Technorati tags […]



I Googled the problem under the “iphone can’t hear anything” category (if we can say that) and then click a link and came to your site.

I want to say A BIG THANK YOU!! for your post and you have a great site. I owe you a beer! I am in Washington D.C. otherwise I would buy it for you.

Has this happened to you often? I am just wondering if there is a bug on some iphones I have not done a research on this yet.

Thank you,



Thanks! This worked after a few attempts at pulling the headphone jack out fast and then slow. The slow worked!!!


Superb! Thank-you. I fell asleep last night listening to music via the ipod facility on the iphone, all day today no sound from earpiece or other person couldn’t hear me either.

Read your post. Don’t know if i’m stupid or what, but i hadn’t thought about that !!

Did the headphone thing – YIPPEEEE !!!


Hey thanks a lot 😀 My phone did this today so i decided hey why not google to see if this is a common problem and i came across your link… when i read what you had to say i knew this was exactly the same problem i had and also i remembered listening through the headphones earlier so i tried it out … i tried this a couple times bc it didnt work right away but what you were saying seemed logical anyway after trying a few more times it started to work 😀 Thanks again for your advice


omggggggggggggg thank you so much. you saved me $200!!!! i was about to purchase another phone because i couldnt figure out what was wrong with it.


omg that worked i was going crazy fucking apple.
i was about to have to send it back in.
this post was is a top 10 rating thx again


Nice 1, was on the verge of restoring to factory settings until I found your post. Tried it and it worked, happy days. Id also buy you a pint but im in Ireland :>)


mm heii
does someone knows wat to do in case that doesn works!!!
caue its not working with minee!!!!!
plz tell me :/


Thank you so much for posting this fix on here, I was about to throw this thing across the room cuz I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and how to fix it. Only my speaker phone would work, I couldn’t hear anything else. You saved the day! 🙂


i have the same problem with my stupid phone! so, i did what you suggested (out and in fast/slow) and POOF my music started automatically playing! only problem is… i still can’t hear anything when making a phone call (except out of the speaker phone)!! GGRRRRR


My 11 year old daughter puked on my iphone today. I tried the “put in bud jack real fast and real slow too.” It was a mountain of puke. I was more sick than my daughter when my iphone did not work. Guess what, the trick worked! Great suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks a milliooooooon! I was beyond anoooyyeeeed. All I had done was connect the wrong ear piece….(from ipod to iphone)


THANK U!!! I've spent about a month trying to figure out why I can't hear people on the phone but they can hear me fine. I've called both AT&T and Apple specialists plus tried to follow all the troubleshooting tips and nothing worked. This worked in one second!!! Thank you so much, I was really sad. Wish I could give you a hug!


hey there,

I am having the same problem, have tried with pulling out the headphones real fast, and nothing, no sound, then i tried pulling out the head phones real slow, still nothing, im gutted. pls help


I got an iPhone4 at Verizon this morning but returned it in the same day. I have a distinct dislike for iPhones now. I couldn’t hear well on it when I tried to make a phone call. My friend sounded muffled and I had to ask her the same thing five times. She told me I sounded “echo-y and far off”. I think iPhones are way less than what they are cracked up to be. I ended up getting a simple flip phone with crystal clear sound. Bigger is not always better.


The above happened to me today on my Verizon IPhone and I tried all of the above steps to no avail. I had to wait for for four hours until it worked again. I couldn’t hear thru my receiver. Before it started working again, I was bugging out and called Apple. After a long time waiting, I was told that it was a hardware issue and is covered for one year after purchase for a new phone that can be swapped out at an Apple retailer. Hope this helps pit your heart at ease! Still the greatest phone to date!!!!!


DUDE!! my phone does the same thing! I’m sorry as I can be I don’t know I can’t hear anything either?!


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