iPhone: SummerBoard won't install after updating to AppTapp version 3 (firmware 1.0.2)

Dang, so in my previous post I said the audio wouldn’t work. Mickey and I figured that it was a 3rd party app causing the issue, so I uninstalled everything but the installer and sources. I uninstalled SummerBoard, etc.

Well, after I solved the audio issue, I wanted to re-install. Thing is, my (AppTapp) was updated to the latest version today, v3.0b3 , ok cool. But now SummerBoard wouldn’t install! It says you need Firmware 1.1.1. Woah, big time suckage. AppTapp should read your firmware version and then supply you with the version of an app that supports your firmware.

How do you get around this:

Download the .pxl for an older version of SummerBoard here

you need iBrickr installed, hook up your iPhone and then install manually, and it works! Neat.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

9 replies on “iPhone: SummerBoard won't install after updating to AppTapp version 3 (firmware 1.0.2)”

I updated app tapp to 3b and have 1.0.2 on my iphone (did not see that 1.1.1 was recommened) I am happy with 1.0.2 but am now worried about this.



Can anyone help m,e install summerboard or iSwitcher to my iphone, also how to upload themes. I have a iphone with 1.0.2 firmware and i use iBrickr

thanks in advance


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