iPhone: Firmware 1.0.2 Unlocked->Revirginized->Upgraded to Firmware 1.1.1 – Unlocked!!

So this weekend I decided to try to get my 1.0.2 FW iPhone to 1.1.1 FW, and unlock it again. Well, Since I unlocked it with the iUnlock method (before it was a GUI app), I knew my baseband was hosed, so I needed to revirginize it.

I followed this method. Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me. I think tried following other tutorials to upgrade, downgrade, upgrade, activate, unlock. I tried multiple methods, and even combined some methods to try to get it all to work. I got pretty far a few times, but missed something or something was screwed up here or there where it didn’t work.

Basically, once you have a “virgin” phone on 1.0.2, this is what I did, (there might be other methods, but this is what I did)

1) bonehead – RESTORED to 1.1.1. Doh! – don’t do this

2) once I was on 1.1.1 I was screwed, so I had to downgrade to 1.0.2 FW (with the update modem still from 1.1.1)

3) UPDATED to 1.1.1

4) Activated, Unlocked

Now that is the simple steps, there are about 1000 different ways to do most of everything. But in the end, I tried independence on my Mac after I was on 1.1.1 locked, and it activated, unlocked, installed apps, etc. So that was my final solution!

Some cool tricks learned…

If your phone is at the “activate now” screen, you can slide to emergency dial, dial *#307# and hit dial, it will call itself. Hit answer, and then hold button. It will call itself again. Decline, and you are on the contacts screen. Add a new contact, any name will do, as the URL for the homepage, put prefs://1F save contact, open url, and you end up getting to the settings screen, you can set up wifi, change settings, etc. Pretty crazy hack.

Some things with 1.1.1 – works, SummerBoard works (the new version) – SSH, etc works, but most of the other apps I cant get to work, they just open and close. My guess is they are either not working with 1.1.1 or I need to enable execute on the directories on the phone, oh well, for another day.

I should have documented everything I did, but I didn’t I have a pretty good idea about everything so if you really have a problem you can give me a comment or email and I will give you some advice. Your best bet is to troll the forums, or other places. I have some links I could share as well, but I am not going to post them as some of them contradict each other. You basically just have to take the best stuff out of each one and combine. Not sure if you can get it working on Windows yet, with some luck I am sure..


P1010310_Vga P1010311_Vga P1010312_Vga

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By Steve Novoselac

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