Hitting the Threshold: More Facebook Friends than MySpace Friends

well, today, I have more Facebook friends than MySpace friends. That is a first. 149 to 147. What does that say? I have been on MySpace longer, so it seems that more people are using Facebook, or using both, now. I like Facebook better, for sure. They both could use some work though.

Seems that lately, I have been using Pownce and Twitter more than Facebook/MySpace.

Everything is cyclical


By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

One reply on “Hitting the Threshold: More Facebook Friends than MySpace Friends”

I never use MySpace anymore, though I still have an account there. I agree that Facebook is a much better app too…but I am getting real tired of these social apps. I mean, come on! What happened to hitting a Bar for a couple (Real) beers with some friends for a happy hour.

As for Twitter/Pounce, I’ve seen several pop up that want to be like these two. I use Twitter way more because it can plug into many of the other apps a lot easier so I don’t have to go to them much (like Facebook).

So I guess my question is this, with the limited time most married people (with/without kids) have, what’s the major draw to these sites? I’ve had friends with Ex’s sending them messages on these sites and their wifes finding them…thus causing all kinds of issues.


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