Hitting the Threshold: More Facebook Friends than MySpace Friends

well, today, I have more Facebook friends than MySpace friends. That is a first. 149 to 147. What does that say? I have been on MySpace longer, so it seems that more people are using Facebook, or using both, now. I like Facebook better, for sure. They both could use some work though.

Seems that lately, I have been using Pownce and Twitter more than Facebook/MySpace.

Everything is cyclical



MySpace Music

Well, since I want to uphold the “Man of the Year” status, I created a MySpace music page. I also signed up for YouTube – maybe I’ll make a video of me playing – wouldn’t that just be exciting 🙂 – Add me on your MySpace! You can even play my songs on your profile if you have nothing better to do!!! 🙂