ATI Catalyst HDMI and Overscan/Underscan

I bought a new Dell machine a couple years ago for the sole purpose of doing Windows Development (my main home machine is a MacBook Pro). Everything is fine on the windows machine, except the dang monitor. By default, ATI and their “Catalyst Control Center” – which I have found to be utter garbage over the years, decides to set to underscan at 8.5% by default. Which leaves you with a big black margin around your main desktop from the edge of your monitor.
I had this all fixed a long time ago, but Windows Update had an update for the driver, which updated the CCC from ATI, which was completely wacked. Wouldn’t even let me set all the settings I used to be able to set.

I went and found the updated CCC at their site and installed over the top, and now could set the overscan/underscan to 0%. It is beyond me why this isn’t the default setting to begin with. Back when I first got it I had to search around to figure this out, many other people have the same issue. Not sure why they don’t set it to 0% out of the box. Anyway, here is the place you can change it: