SharePoint 2010 Blogging: Turning on Comments and Comment Approval

Not sure this is the case in all configurations, YMMV. In SharePoint 2010, it seems like blog commenting isn’t “on” by default. Everything should work fine but once you start posting, other people won’t be able to add comments even though there is a comment link at the bottom of each post. How to get it blog post comments working? A few basic things that I will go into detail on.

First, get to your blog “site” in your browser, and go to “Site Actions->View all Site Content”.

Once there, you will see that Categories, Comments, Links and Posts are just SharePoint lists. Pretty cool. Go into the “Comments” list.


Once in the Comments list, click on “List” at the top, and on the List Ribbon click “List Settings”.


Click on the “Versioning Settings” link. In there, you want to check the setting:

1. Require Content Approval for submitted items? – yes. if you want to have some gatekeeper between new comments and them being published.


Under “Advanced Settings” link

1. Item-Level permissions. You want “read all items” for Read Access and “Create items and edit items that were created by the user” for Create and Edit access.


In the "Permissions for this List” link, you want to probably break Inherited permissions, and then add “Authenticated Users” with “Contribute” and “Read” permissions.


As a final setting, you want to probably get alerted on new comments. So back on the main “List” ribbon, you want to click on “Alert Me” and set up the appropriate alerts, or subscribe to the RSS feed.


That does it, after going through all those motions, you should be able to have other people comment on your SharePoint 2010 blog, get alerted, and approve comments. Pretty cool (For what it’s worth, this shouldn’t be this complicated!)

Sick (Steve and Computer)

Sick Computer


Well, I guess I waited all winter to get sick. Stinks! Stuffy as heck, and coughing. Hopefully I get over it soon.

I also redid my work laptop last night as SQL and VS2005 seemed to be hosed. So I guess I get to finish up the straggling tasks on that today (Microsoft Update for one).

So it seems my computer and me got sick at the same time. Coincidence?

Well, at least the weather is nice 🙂


Well, now that I am semi-moved into Richmond, after a debacle of trying to move in during River Lakes days, since my house is like right on the parade route..but that is a different story…I stumbled up DigElogROCORI, a digital vlog of Rockville, Cold Spring, Richmond. Pretty cool, I thought there would be more videos, I subscribed to the feed, so we will see. I wish I had more time and energy, and a video camera – then I could do something like that. Maybe first, I need to get my computer office setup in the basement 🙂