Toad (Oracle) – Too Many Options

Toad is a tool to let you connect to Oracle with a GUI and browse the tables, run sql, write procedures. It is kind of like Query Analyzer/Enterprise Manager for SQL 2000 or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for SQL 2005/2008. Except it’s not, it sucks. 🙂

Toad Options

As you can see from the options screen, there are hundreds of options. Tons of tabs, menu items, and tons of settings per tab. If you need a “search” on your options screen, you probably have too many options, or you need to redesign something. I don’t like it.

Windows Media Player 11 – Design Flaws

So, on my main desktop at home I finally installed Windows Media Player 11. Ive used it since the betas, but no on my main machine. So what I usually do is download music from the net, onto my desktop, but then copy it to my server, and let WMP find the album art and fix everything. Well, you could just specify one sub folder and have it scan in WMP 10. Seems that feature is gone ghandi in WMP11. So WTF, I have to copy the files, and either play them manually so they show up and go through each one and edit it, then update album info, or let it sit there for who knows how long WMP to scan the folder (I have like 12,000 songs right now, so its not speedy). Why did they take that feature/option out, I guess we’ll never know, but it really doesnt make sense, since now its harder to manage my library. argh :S

Wacky Design – TV Remote Controls

Flipping through the TV guide from my digital box the other day, and this dawned on me. The TV Remote Control design is backwards. Huh? Well, so if you are looking through the guide, you actually have to hit the “down” button or “page down” button to make the channels go higher in the guide. To me this is just wacky. Hit down to go up. Now, you can look at it, and say, yeah, hit down and it makes the things on the screen go down, but the channels go higher. Another quirk – there is no back button on my remote, but to get back from some screens, you have to hit the last button, which is no where in the vicinity of the rest of the menu controls. And “last” really means two things – last channel or last screen? I don’t know WTF they control designers were smoking, but I suppose – after a few months of using it I’m sure I’ll be used to it 🙂