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Minnesota Smoking Ban Loophole: Theatrical Performances

Last weekend, I was up in Chisholm, Minnesota for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday. After the party, we headed downtown Chisholm to check out my step sisters boyfriend play in his band, at Sabin’s bar.

Now, Minnesota passed a smoking ban (Freedom to Breathe Act) in bars and restaurants in October 2007. This means NO SMOKING. Well, they have found some loopholes in the law, that says to some effect “actors and actresses are allowed to smoke while performing, like in a play”. Well, bars are starting to take this loophole and use it, as Sabin’s did that night, and there were many people smoking in the bar.

I happen to see the “Playbill” on the bar, and snapped a photo (which I retyped below as it might be hard to read)

Smoking Ban Loophole


The Tobacco Monologues

Live at Sabin’s Bar!


A Theatrical Performance and Satire Regarding the Minnesota Legislature and the Freedom to Breathe Act

Note: There will be some smoking during the performance.

Friends, tonight YOU get to participate in the first of many amateur theater nights at Sabin’s bar. You will get a chance to perform in our play. The bar is the stage. If you want to be a part of the play tonight see one of the bartenders. They are in charge of the casting call. If you make the cut you will be given a sticker to wear which identifies you as one of the performers. As a performer you will be allowed to smoke. That’s right smoke indoors! You are already on state, and in the play. Have fun!!!

Special thanks to our friends Mark Benjamin & Sheila Kromer


What a joke. First off, I was pissed because there was smoking. I hate smoking, I hate smoking in the bar. I hate coming home smelling like smoke, my clothes, hair and whatever. I hate having to breathe it, and feel like I am about to gag. It is good there is a smoking ban, there is no reason smokers should be able to smoke indoors and pollute the air everyone has to breathe. They can go outside. Plain and simple.

The next day in the Duluth News Tribune, I read a bar in Babbitt MN got cited for doing a Theater Night. Good! But they got fined $300. WTF? They could just collect 2 dollars from every smoker and pay the fine every night. They need to get fined $10,000, or be shut down for a night, to feel the pain.

I am not sure, but I hope Sabin’s gets busted too. Loophole or not. It looks like they are going to start busting more bars for this. Leave your opinions in the comments.


Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Link to Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Testing out the “Blog This” feature in Windows Live Toolbar. The 25th Amendment. Crazy Stuff. Replace the President because he can’t do his duties.

If you really dig into it, it is pretty interesting. The pro tempore of the Senate and all that. Anyways, the cool/funny thing is, my favorite TV show, 24, has pulled out the 25th Amendment twice in six years. The writers must really like digging into the Constitution 🙂


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Civil Disobedience At Georgetown

This is great – Law Students Turn Backs on Gonzales

By the way, the I think the original quote of Ben Franklin is: “Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” How true that is. We are heading down a slippery slope, and most citizens don’t even realize it.



Four years since 9/11. It was sad day, I remember watching the second plane on TV live hit the tower.

The 9/11 commission has found alot of places that our country is lacking in, and with the current aftermath of Katrina, we can see that we aren’t prepared yet. I think it all goes back to leadership (the lack therof that we have), and you can see how big of a cluster$@#& things are.

Hopefully one day we will get our stuff together and be more prepared..


Yo Congressman!

I emailed my congressman (Norm Coleman) today and asked why there wasn’t an RSS feed for his newsletter posts

Hopefully they reply and put one up…