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Testing out the “Blog This” feature in Windows Live Toolbar. The 25th Amendment. Crazy Stuff. Replace the President because he can’t do his duties.

If you really dig into it, it is pretty interesting. The pro tempore of the Senate and all that. Anyways, the cool/funny thing is, my favorite TV show, 24, has pulled out the 25th Amendment twice in six years. The writers must really like digging into the Constitution 🙂



I just voted, now Im eating some lunch. Id have to say, it is a good feeling actually voting. Hopefully the right people will get elected this time 🙂

The one thing I hate about elections is the ads – and negative ads especially. My question to all the candidates is, where are the ads the day after the election? Why don’t we ever hear from them again until they want something from us. Spend some $$ on keeping us updated on your promises and progress. More people watch CSI and The O.C then the 10 o clock news, much less CNN/MSNBC, etc. Keep me in the loop!


Four years since 9/11. It was sad day, I remember watching the second plane on TV live hit the tower.

The 9/11 commission has found alot of places that our country is lacking in, and with the current aftermath of Katrina, we can see that we aren’t prepared yet. I think it all goes back to leadership (the lack therof that we have), and you can see how big of a cluster$@#& things are.

Hopefully one day we will get our stuff together and be more prepared..