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Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Link to Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Testing out the “Blog This” feature in Windows Live Toolbar. The 25th Amendment. Crazy Stuff. Replace the President because he can’t do his duties.

If you really dig into it, it is pretty interesting. The pro tempore of the Senate and all that. Anyways, the cool/funny thing is, my favorite TV show, 24, has pulled out the 25th Amendment twice in six years. The writers must really like digging into the Constitution 🙂


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Backwards Logic..

What do you do when your house is on fire? You throw more gas on it and point a flamethrower at it of course!



I just voted, now Im eating some lunch. Id have to say, it is a good feeling actually voting. Hopefully the right people will get elected this time 🙂

The one thing I hate about elections is the ads – and negative ads especially. My question to all the candidates is, where are the ads the day after the election? Why don’t we ever hear from them again until they want something from us. Spend some $$ on keeping us updated on your promises and progress. More people watch CSI and The O.C then the 10 o clock news, much less CNN/MSNBC, etc. Keep me in the loop!


Civil Disobedience At Georgetown

This is great – Law Students Turn Backs on Gonzales

By the way, the I think the original quote of Ben Franklin is: “Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” How true that is. We are heading down a slippery slope, and most citizens don’t even realize it.



Four years since 9/11. It was sad day, I remember watching the second plane on TV live hit the tower.

The 9/11 commission has found alot of places that our country is lacking in, and with the current aftermath of Katrina, we can see that we aren’t prepared yet. I think it all goes back to leadership (the lack therof that we have), and you can see how big of a cluster$@#& things are.

Hopefully one day we will get our stuff together and be more prepared..


Yo Congressman!

I emailed my congressman (Norm Coleman) today and asked why there wasn’t an RSS feed for his newsletter posts

Hopefully they reply and put one up…


Isn't It Ironic?

… ” 52 percent, say they believe the United States has found clear evidence in Iraq that Saddam was working closely with the al-Qaida terrorist organization. ”

Wow, that is really close to the number that voted for Bush…hmmmmm…..

Too bad there is no proof to back up any kind of link whatsoever. If there was a link between Iraq and al-Qaida, I would gladly stand behind any action we take. But from what I can see, the administration cannot prove anything. First it was a tie to 9/11, then WMD, then Liberating the Iraqi people. That is like…You have won the lottery – no wait – you just found 20 bux in your laundry – no no, not that, you just found a half a penny cut up on the ground. Pretty soon the reason will be that we just needed to make sure our equipment still works. Give me a break! A war with an unjust reason should not be a war.


Born in the USA (Blue)

By C. B. Shapiro
I feel bad for the Red States.

Yes, they won the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and most of the state houses. But they still can’t have the country they really want because the last few Blue States won’t roll over. So I am making a simple proposal:

Secession. Divorce. Splitsville.

Personally, I think we made a huge mistake not letting them go when we had the chance back in 1862. Well, no time like the present to correct an old mistake.

Then, they would finally be free to have the kind of society they’ve always wanted; church and state can be fused so they build the kind of theocracy they’ve dreamt of, with Jesus at the helm. Then the new USAR (United States of America Red) can ban books, repeal civil rights, persecute gays and have all the wars they like. They want prayer in schools? More power to them. They can ban abortion and post the Ten Commandments in every federal building in their country. Bring back slavery, if they want. We’ll be free to live with our like-minded countrymen who believe in science, modernism, tolerance, religion as a personal choice, and truly want limited government intrusion in our personal lives. Why should each side be driven mad by the other any more, decade after decade?

Call the Culture War a tie and everyone go home.

Of course, we in the U.S.A.B. get the Gross Domestic Product, businesses and universities of California, New York, Massachussetts — basically the whole Northeast and Northwest (plus Illinois and Michigan if they want to come along). They get Wal-Mart and Duke and most of the Nascar tracks. But they can feel free to import movies, TV shows, financial services, and defense technology. We’ll import country music, bibles and Confederate flags.

The two countries will by necessity have open immigration policy: anyone who feels they are living in the wrong country can just move across the border, no questions asked.

Ultimately, why should I have to convince my fellow countrymen that Darwin may have had a point and that the word “liberalâ€? is not equivalent to “godless communist?â€? And why should they be forced to live in a country with morally corrupt non-believers? I’ll stay in the messy, free-thinking U.S.A.B. And to the U.S.A.R. I say…

God bless you all, and see you at the U.N


F$*K the Vote?

Yesterday I Voted.

Today I Vomited.

4 More Years? I don’t know if we can handle it. Maybe Bush will have the same fate as Nixon. Hopefully. I can’t believe that many people support him, I can’t believe there are that many stupid people out there that can’t see the shady dealings, the lies, the “no millionaire left behind”, The “War on Terror For Foreign Oil”? Just look at the electoral votes – California and New York, the two biggest states – they had it right. I am just glad that Minnesota wasn’t apart of the red states. Years from now we can at least say we voted for the right candidate, and the blame can fall on the south and middle states. So many people voted for Bush just because of one issue that was dear to them. Hunting, Same Sex Marriage, stuff like that. What about the Iraq debacle? No responsibility. I bet you could find more WMD in New York City than in Iraq. Bush’s mentality is the WMD. People also use the excuse that we are more secure now. Who was on the watch when 9/11 happened? No blame for that? The economy is in the toilet, the only reason that people can get 0% financing and things like that is because we got attacked. If 9/11 wouldn’t have happened, the economy would be even worse. Bush doesn’t care about the middle class, just HIS bottom line. People around here claim to be Republican, but they don’t even know what it is. Farmers, Laborers are voting Republican. What does DFL stand for again? WTF? People who voted for Bush HAVE to be ignorant people can’t see when there is a need for change. They are the people who drive their vehicles till the oil runs out. They’re the people who aren’t informed, have no clue on issues, and can’t see something for what it really is. It really is just sad.

Well, like a buddy of mine said “At least we negated a Republican vote”. I hope the President can sleep at night knowing 49% of the country doesn’t want him in office.
What we need is someone for president who can get 70%-80% of the vote, which will never happen. If Bush can make decisions like he has the past four years and get re-elected, I wonder how many f’ups someone would have to have to not get re-elected. Did you know that the govt spent more money investigating Clinton having sex in the White House that they did investigating 9/11? Wtf is with that? I can’t even believe that we though about impeaching Clinton. Something stinks in Washington.

One other thing I read –

One Guy: “If you don’t like the outcome and the way America is, why don’t you just move”

Other Guy: “Because I don’t want to be affected by America’s “Foreign Policy” “