Technology Hypocrites?

Why do IT Departments, SysAdmins, and techno geeks love to push the latest and greatest server products, use the latest technologies in hardware, etc, yet they are scared out of their boots about Vista?

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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I wouldn’t say scared out of their boots about vista. I’m a sysadmin and I love the latest and greatest, and yes I have vista installed. With that being said I also have XP installed yet. There are things that just don’t work as well in vista. Hardware doesn’t have the horsepower to power vista at the same performance that XP runs. Sure there are tweaks here and there turn off Aero blah blah to get more out of vista on old hardware but it still falls short. If you have the hardware needed to run Vista or the in the market for a new computer then by all means go with Vista but I wouldn’t upgrade to Vista on older hardware just to stay on the edge do to the performance hit. Vista in all its glory is a decent OS. Its stable, pretty, and secure. I just hope that Windows 7 takes Vista’s pros and gets rid of all it’s cons.


Considering we haven’t purchased a new pc or laptop that came with vista installed on it since vista’s release, i wouldn’t say we are downgrading them by keeping them XP. Most of our end user’s PC’s are not up to snuff when it comes to hardware so upgrading would be a null point. we have however just got a desktop that did come installed with Vista and it will be staying Vista.


Ok I take that back we did buy a laptop that came with vista but the user requested that Vista be removed and XP installed. At that time we did it because it was right after Vista’s release and we in IT hadn’t had a chance to get aquainted with the new OS yet.


As someone who would probably qualify as your “standard” corporate user, I can say that I’m also a little confused by the severity and seemingly overwhelming negative attitude towards Vista. I installed Vista Ultimate on my home desktop (a 4 yr old machine) shortly after its introduction. I like it. They did make some improvements. While they rearranged the cabinets and I had to learn how to find some things they moved, it wasn’t an overly taxing transition. I don’t notice a performance deficit from XP, and it is much more stable. There’s my two cents worth – from someone who doesn’t have to deal with the system admin aspects of mixing and matching differing OS.


I think the majority of end users probably have vista at home and like it, like Jack… why run a 7 year old product. Its like running Office 2000 or Office XP right now…because your end users don’t get the Office 2007 ribbon.

Microsoft isn’t going away. Upgrade paths are part of the game.


I would say for the most part with layoffs and slashed budgets most IT Depts don’t want to deal with the headaches of change for the end users. There are so many Corp users that freak out if an icon is missing or in a different spot. You switch the entire operating system and you will hear complaints from everywhere.

Take it from someone who switched a company from Windows 98 to Windows XP. It is a major pain in the ass!


From a service standpoint, most end users that purchase PC’s with Vista have more issues than those with XP. Even so, those who have XP don’t take time to acquaint themselves with the finer aspects of the OS. I find a number of users claiming their PC is up to date, but running ancient hardware (can you say, 800Mhz w/ 512MB Ram on a desktop).

When it comes to IT teams, the team is only as effective as the end user they work with.

Luddite End Users = Lacking Technology Upgrades


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