Morning Question: What Mobile Phone Do You Use, and Why Do You (Or Don't You) Like it

I have had countless mobile phones over the years. Starting with a Nokia 5125 back in like 97, moving up the Nokia chain, then to Sanyos when I worked for Northern PCS (A Sprint Affiliate), then Windows Mobile Phones (6601, etc), then a T-Mobile Dash, and now the iPhone. I have to say the iPhone win’s hands down, can’t even compare with WinMo. I’d like to get an Android phone to compare (G1 Developer Edition – Santa please?)

I’d say with iPhone the one thing that is severely lacking is copy/paste. Other than that, I can’t complain much. When you aren’t on 3G or Wifi it kind of stinks, but it is usable.

What mobile phone do you use and why? What are the pros/cons? Benefits?


Technology Hypocrites?

Why do IT Departments, SysAdmins, and techno geeks love to push the latest and greatest server products, use the latest technologies in hardware, etc, yet they are scared out of their boots about Vista?

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