Morning Question: What Mobile Phone Do You Use, and Why Do You (Or Don't You) Like it

I have had countless mobile phones over the years. Starting with a Nokia 5125 back in like 97, moving up the Nokia chain, then to Sanyos when I worked for Northern PCS (A Sprint Affiliate), then Windows Mobile Phones (6601, etc), then a T-Mobile Dash, and now the iPhone. I have to say the iPhone win’s hands down, can’t even compare with WinMo. I’d like to get an Android phone to compare (G1 Developer Edition – Santa please?)

I’d say with iPhone the one thing that is severely lacking is copy/paste. Other than that, I can’t complain much. When you aren’t on 3G or Wifi it kind of stinks, but it is usable.

What mobile phone do you use and why? What are the pros/cons? Benefits?