Morning Question: What Mobile Phone Do You Use, and Why Do You (Or Don't You) Like it

I have had countless mobile phones over the years. Starting with a Nokia 5125 back in like 97, moving up the Nokia chain, then to Sanyos when I worked for Northern PCS (A Sprint Affiliate), then Windows Mobile Phones (6601, etc), then a T-Mobile Dash, and now the iPhone. I have to say the iPhone win’s hands down, can’t even compare with WinMo. I’d like to get an Android phone to compare (G1 Developer Edition – Santa please?)

I’d say with iPhone the one thing that is severely lacking is copy/paste. Other than that, I can’t complain much. When you aren’t on 3G or Wifi it kind of stinks, but it is usable.

What mobile phone do you use and why? What are the pros/cons? Benefits?

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

7 replies on “Morning Question: What Mobile Phone Do You Use, and Why Do You (Or Don't You) Like it”

Like you, I’ve had a variety of handsets over the years. My first was a Motorola 550 back in 1996. My first smartphone came as the Kyocera 6035, and I tried just about every non-RIM Sprint smartphone until a year ago. Currently, I’m using a HTC Touch.

Likes: touch-screen, form factor, threaded SMS in WM 6.1, expandable memory, cut and paste, touchflo, EVDO, cost of associated service.

Dislikes: signal strength, Bluetooth sound quality, WM, Sprintification of OS, lack of integrated MMS, no WiFi, touch-screen keypad, lack of accelerometer, not intuitive to a new user.

that’s about it. I’m certainly not enthralled by this handset, and am always wondering what I’m going to get next.


T-Mobile Dash (by HTC).

I enjoy how Windows mobile sync’d so easily with XP, but Vista’s been difficult. Also, there must’ve been updates or something because the phone has to be reformatted once every 3 weeks now. I’m counting the days until my contract is up, but the G1 is disappointing because T-Mobile requires you to have their service for any of the Google functionality.

I’m not a fan of the iPhone because the times I’ve used it haven’t been that friendly. The interface on the phone is OK, but the virtual keypad I’ve found more difficult than other touch screen phones. Also, there’s no support for sync’ing outlook and such. You need to use Mac Specific software (not compatible with office) or some hack. Though, I do enjoy the long battery life on iPhones over other phones.


blackberry pearl 8100

pros: i don’t need to use my computer as often or if ever really. easy to use, navigate. it’s small for a blackberry, which is nice.

cons: the pearl doesn’t come with a full keyboard, the back light sensor is a bit off at times and the scrolling select button can be an annoyance, but it’s not terrible. also, depending on what area you’re in the wifi sometimes cuts in and out.


In the last two years I have had TMobile Dash (Windows Mobile), Blackberry Curve (Verizon) and now iPhone. I had them all on data plans and all connecting to MS Exchange.

My take depends on what you are mainly using it for:
– Email, calendar, tasks and contacts
#1 Blackberry
#2 Windows Mobile
#3 iPhone (Email is serviceable at best. Searching email sucks. Tasks you need to use another ap. Calendar doesn’t allow you to open attachments.)

– Browsing
#1 iPhone – They nailed it. 3G helps, but their browse in and browse out feature is money.

The other two are not even close.

– Everything else – Games, entertainment, etc.
#1 iPhone – The amount of time you can entertain yourself with the iPhone is unbelievable. It is an iPod Video/Music and a PSP and a DS and every other portable ap rolled up into one ap.

Again, the other two do not come close.

My take is that if it is 100% a business service and you are not heavy into technology, the Blackberry is still serviceable.

If you are a business that doesn’t have a lot of money, the Windows Mobile is serviceable.

If it is a personal phone or your business is in innovative technology or you would use the browser a lot for your business, I would go iPhone.

It will be interesting if iPhone gets their email working better. It will also be interesting to try out Google Android.


The past two phones I have used have been Palm Treos with windows mobile. 700WX and now the 800W. I have refused to switch to ATT and get an iPhone because they charge more for the phone plans as well as for the phone. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

However, the Treos have been a source of frustration for me. I went through 5 of the 700WX’s in 2 years because they never worked. I have to take the battery out of my 800W nearly every day because of some malfunction or another.

The Treos will do anything that any other phone does, they just do it with a horrible, buggy, clunky interface.

Maybe I’ll force myself to switch to ATT and the iPhone next time.


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