Blogging in 2009

I have been looking through some of my Google Analytics logs, and I really find it funny. The top 3 posts on my blog really don’t have anything to do with stuff I am really into, but they are more things that I did in my spare time and blogged about.

1) Linux on my Ps3
2) iSight Camera Drivers on Macbook/Parallels
3) Ruby on Rails and MySQL on Vista

So yeah, I don’t really do any of that stuff “full time”. Even looking back over my blog posts, and seeing how things have changed since 2004. Talking about ASP development, SQL 2000, ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET, C++, BI, Other tech stuff. Fun stuff.

Now that I am doing Business Intelligence full time, but in more of a manager role than a “doing” role, I usually don’t fall into crazy development debacles or solutions that require a “blog” to explain, or a “blog” to save the next sorry sucker who comes across the setup or crazy steps I had to take to get something to work.

That, coupled with Twitter, and Facebook, and Yammer, and whatever else, blogging takes a back seat. But I still think there is a good time and place for blogging. You make it what you make it. You can use it as log to look back on (I do, I search on stuff I blogged all the time, instead of having to remember it), or just a good way to keep people up on what you are doing, in more than 140 characters.

Where do things go from here? I am sure there tons of things coming down the pipeline that I will be blogging about. SQL 2008, Sharepoint, Excel Services, More BI stuff (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Cloud Computing, iPhone, Mobile, Gaming, just good old plain geekery. And don’t forget lil Ella, and music and much more.

I have mentioned before that my blogging has also changed dramatically since I started using Mac’s full time at home. It makes it tough to get a “full solution” into a blog post. I have tried with VM’s but I just get too distracted 🙂

I have found that I get more though, out of reading and just consuming as much info as I can. Books, eBooks, Blogs through Google Reader, Twitter, etc. Still subscribing to 250-300 blogs, the cream of the crop, and I add more every day, mostly BI blogs these days. Unsub’d from most of the .NET Dev blogs since I Just am not into that as much any more. Things like that. I’d rather learn more than just regurgitate or create some kind of “echo chamber” here.

Blogging in 2009 is much different than 2008, or 2004, or whenever, and I am sure it will evolve. It should be fun! and I hope to embrace the changes that will come in the upcoming years.

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Facebook Ads – Relevant and Ready

Yesterday, Emily decided to pull a April Fools joke – that we are engaged on Facebook, to scare her mom, friends (and me , hehe)

Well one second after I confirmed it, the ad in the Facebook sidebar changed..usually it was about coding or video games, and now?

april_fools_ad image



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Hitting the Threshold: More Facebook Friends than MySpace Friends

well, today, I have more Facebook friends than MySpace friends. That is a first. 149 to 147. What does that say? I have been on MySpace longer, so it seems that more people are using Facebook, or using both, now. I like Facebook better, for sure. They both could use some work though.

Seems that lately, I have been using Pownce and Twitter more than Facebook/MySpace.

Everything is cyclical


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Temporary Vacancy at the "Roach Motel"? – Facebook + iPhone (useragent) = Your Contacts

I have read Dare O’s blog for a while now (years?), and recently it seems recently once every few weeks he mentions how Facebook keeps all your data so you can’t export it easily. Yes , it’s true. The email addresses are graphics, and they expire every so often, which sucks.

I was tooling around on my iPhone the other day, on, and noticed that I could click on email addresses, they were links. This means you could write an app to get to them and scrape them.

Looks like that fun has ended as now Facebook has them as images as well on the iPhone, which stinks. They are my friends, my data, why can’t I get to it? Getting their email address would be more useful than getting their latest mood or their latest drink someone bought them on one of the Facebook apps.

Let my data be free!

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Best Facebook App? – Toolbar for Firefox

Everyone talks about how the applications within Facebook are awesome, which is true, they are, but they add on to Facebook. One app that I rarely hear about or see used though, the Toolbar for Firefox (

This toolbar is awesome. If you have Firefox open, which throughout the day you usually do – it will alert you when your friends’ profiles update, or you get new messages, etc. Toast message popup’s.

I have found that by having it, you get more out of Facebook, also the search feature for your friends is a pretty sweet Ajax type search, built into the toolbar.

I recommend that any Facebook junkie check out the toolbar! Get on it! Oh, and if you aren’t on Facebook – why aren’t you – sign up! And add me as a friend! (

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Facebook: Signing up can be tough if..

Your last name is “Gay”

I asked a buddy of mine, Joe Gay (yes that is his name), “why aren’t you on Facebook yet”, and his response was, “They won’t let me sign up, they won’t allow my last name”

What gives? That is his name, they should allow it. He shouldn’t have to email customer support to sign up.

So, what do we do? Put Gaaay instead Gay. That gets through. But in the process, accidentally picked the wrong year for his birthday.

Now, what is even better, is that you can’t update your name or birth year once you are logged in. Well not easily anyways. From the help page

Did you misspell your own name? Are you tired of that embarrassing nickname? You can request a change from the “Settings” tab on the Account page. For quality control purposes, we confirm all name changes before they take place.

But I suppose they will get bucky again about his last name

Same thing with the birth year

You can edit the month and day of your birth from the “Basic” tab of the Edit My Profile page. For security reasons, Facebook Customer Support reviews all requests for edits to your birth year. To submit a request, click here.

Facebook really should let users edit this information, instead of them having to send an email off to customer support, it just doesn’t make much sense.

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