Search Google Drive and Gmail from Chrome Omnibox

If you are like me, and live in Google Chrome, you probably use other Google Services. I use Google Drive and Gmail extensively. I would love it if when I searched in the Google Chrome Address Bar Omnibox, that it could search other places.

Well, you kind of can. On the Omnibox..

Right click, Edit search engines..

The under “Other Search Engines”: add two entries..

Google Drive | |

Gmail | |

then if you type and hit “tab” instead of enter, you can type in your search term, same with the shortcut.

If you do all that, then you should be able to search Google Drive and Gmail straight from the Chrome Omnibox.


Bookmark Bar – Uber Micro Sharing

I use pretty much every browser. I switch between them depending on mood, system I am on, phase of the moon, etc. But there are some essential “bookmarklets” that I always want to use/set up.

There are a few things I wish I could tweak though. Like with Yammer, the ability to choose a group before it hits the page. Also with the Yammer bookmarklet there is about a 50/50 chance the URL/title wont come through so you have to do it manually.

With the Gmail This one, on Safari, it opens in a tab instead of a popup, and loading Gmail is kind of slow (IMHO) when you want to just write a mail from out of no where.

What bookmarklets do you use? Are you a share-a-holic?

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Trends for GMail?

Google Reader has had “trends” for a while now, it really lets you see what you read, when you read it, etc.

Why doesn’t Gmail have a trends page? Why doesn’t it show you who you get email from, who you email the most, time of day etc. Something like Xobni. I know there is a Python app that a dev at Google made, but why can’t Google just add this to Gmail? They already have the information. Maybe it would be nice as a labs feature.

There are so many things out there like this. Where the metadata is available, but not available to you. From your TV, to you car, to your computer, apps, even your body. You can’t automatically get the times you went to sleep, bathroom, eat, etc from yourself, but it would be nice. Build the ultimate Data Warehouse.

I just wish that apps that had the data would let you see it, use it, and improve your productivity. Someday.


HowTo: Migrate Hotmail to Gmail or Google Apps for Your Domain

Like I said previously, I just moved to GAFYD, which is the Google Apps version of Gmail. I needed to move my Hotmail (well, actually Windows Live Domain) emails over to gmail. How do you do this? Well there are a few ways….

#1 – Install Windows Live Mail Desktop, add your hotmail account, get all the messages downloaded. Then add your Gmail or GAFYD account using IMAP, then drag the messages over to the Gmail account, works slick.

#2 – Use Outlook – do basically the same thing, but use the Outlook Connector to get your hotmail account into outlook, then drag and drop

#3 – IMAP for Hotmail – if you are like me and used hotmail on your iPhone, using IzyMail, then you already had IMAP set up, you can then use any email client that supports IMAP (read: Thunderbird, or maybe Apple Mail) – then set up your hotmail account using IMAP, set up your Gmail or GAFYD account using IMAP and drag and drop the messages over.

I am sure there are other ways to do this all as well, but this seemed to work for me.

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Gmail's SPAM filtering – Not all it is cracked up to be

You can read all around the web, that Gmail has the best SPAM filtering. I call BS on that. I have been using Windows Live Domains for my email, running through Windows Live Domains, I get to use Windows Live Hotmail for my email. I have been using it for a year at least. I might get 1 spam a day in the junk mail, and none in the inbox.

This week I decided to switch my domain email over to Google Apps (Google Apps for Your Domain – GAFYD) – Now, I get 20+ spam a day in the Spam folder, and 1-2 a day in the inbox.

There is no way Gmail’s spam filter is better than Hotmails. Hotmail stopped more, and stopped more from showing up in the junk folder. Now I have to check my spam folder on Gmail every day to make sure there are no bogus ones in there, and it also lets junk through to the inbox. Not good!

I probably have around 10 more gripes with GAFYD, but I will save those for a later time.

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