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MobileMe's Mail – Glaring Omission

So we have MobileMe setup. I still use GAFYD for my main email, but I had Emily use MobileMe with my old iPhone. Today a glaring omission was pointed out. No rich text, formatting, coloring, smileys, font changing, italics, bold, underline, etc to be found.


There are options to send, draft, spelling, and add contact. Also in the Mail preferences, there is a “Composing” tab, but no settings for formatting at all. For some people, this is the show stopper feature they want. You would expect any first rate email client to have these things. Of course, some people don’t want these settings, but if they are there, then you can turn them off, but if they aren’t there, you can do anything, and you go back to Hotmail so you can send smileys and 24 pt wingding font in red 🙂


HowTo: Migrate Hotmail to Gmail or Google Apps for Your Domain

Like I said previously, I just moved to GAFYD, which is the Google Apps version of Gmail. I needed to move my Hotmail (well, actually Windows Live Domain) emails over to gmail. How do you do this? Well there are a few ways….

#1 – Install Windows Live Mail Desktop, add your hotmail account, get all the messages downloaded. Then add your Gmail or GAFYD account using IMAP, then drag the messages over to the Gmail account, works slick.

#2 – Use Outlook – do basically the same thing, but use the Outlook Connector to get your hotmail account into outlook, then drag and drop

#3 – IMAP for Hotmail – if you are like me and used hotmail on your iPhone, using IzyMail, then you already had IMAP set up, you can then use any email client that supports IMAP (read: Thunderbird, or maybe Apple Mail) – then set up your hotmail account using IMAP, set up your Gmail or GAFYD account using IMAP and drag and drop the messages over.

I am sure there are other ways to do this all as well, but this seemed to work for me.

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IzyMail – Get Windows Live Hotmail on your iPhone

Since Microsoft doesn’t want to enable IMAP for Windows Live Hotmail accounts (It just started enabling POP3 for Hotmail Plus users), getting your Windows Live Mail on your iPhone just doesn’t work. This really stinks if it is your main email address. GMail on the iPhone stinks because of the threaded conversations – every time you send a message, you get a new one in your inbox – ugh!

Yahoo has IMAP which is good, I just don’t use it for my email. I actually use Windows Live Custom domains and use my address with Windows Live Hotmail, which is really cool.

Now, the solution I am using is IzyMail – and it works. I tried quick to set it up on the iPhone itself, and it didn’t work, but there are instructions on how to set it up if you have a Mac – which I just so happen to have. I assume if you setup and Outlook account on Windows using IMAP and sync those settings it will work too. I paid the 18 dollars for the premium subscription, and it is worth it. My email now syncs to my iPhone, and all the folders. If I move a email from the inbox to a subfolder, it moves it on the server. Now, my iPhone mimics my Windows Mobile smartphone using Windows Live HTTP (DeltaSync) email syncing (as opposed to IMAP or POP3)

Please Microsoft – open up IMAP – as even a paid option! Or, on the flipside – Apple – allow HTTP mail on Mac’s and iPhones!! Getting your email from the web to a device SHOULD NOT be this complicated!!! Maybe in like 1995, but not in 2007!

Now, just have to figure out a way to get my contacts sync’d up OTA and the phone will actually be somewhat useable!

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Hotmail 10 Years Old

Looks like Hotmail is 10 today. I didnt sign up right away, but a little after, in about a year. You can check when you started at

Here is the proof:

I should have signed up earlier 🙂