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Waze – Social GPS Navigation

This last week I have been using Waze on my iPhone. What is Waze? Well, it is a free “social” GPS turn by turn app. Since iOS doesn’t have built in turn by turn, it is left up to the market to fill the gap. There are the big players out there TomTom, etc but then Waze comes along. I have heard/read about them for a while now, but never got around to trying it. Pretty cool. Nice interface, and it’s social.

How is it social? Well, people can report slowdowns, accidents, police, etc and it will show up on your map as you drive. You can see other wazer’s on the map as you drive. They also gamify it by giving you points for miles and little rewards when you hit milestones, pretty cool. Works for me. The product becomes better as more people use it, and I assume as your friends or groups you are in use it more.

Check it out at Looks like they have apps for more than iOS as well.

Geeky/Programming Life

New Bike, iPhone, RunKeeper

Since working at Trek, I have been hounded to get a new bike, even more so than by my friends in Portland when I lived there, and EVERYONE has like 5 bikes there.

So, I finally decided to pick up a new bike, a Trek 7.2 FX, Newport Blue, 22.5 inch. It’s a Hybrid – not a road bike, not a MTB, but somewhere in between.

Some pictures are here, of the bike building process, because when you work at a bike company, you take 25 minutes of out of the day to build a bike.

So after getting my bike, I had to get some more gear. The usual, helmet, lights, pump, bag, tools, all that stuff. Most other people will get a “computer” for their bike, a little electronic device to track speed, etc. Guess what? I already had one, it is called an iPhone (what doesn’t the iPhone do.. “there’s an app for that”.. is true.)

I jumped on Amazon and looked for a good armband for the iPhone 3G, with good reviews. This is the one I ended up with

So what other parts are there to this equation? The app of course. RunKeeper Pro. ( It lets you set your activity type, you start the music before you start RunKeeper, lock the GPS on, and start your activity. You can “lock” the screen so you dont bump it, and then tap it to get pace/speed info. It will also tell you every 5 minutes and/or every mile what your speed/pace is. Once you are done with your activity, you upload it to their site. It maps it out, elevation, speed, nice google map interface. Aggregates miles over weeks/months, and lets you share with your friends.

Here was a ride I did the other day,

RunKeeper really keeps you motivated. I haven’t used Nike+, but I am guessing it is pretty similar. But Nike+ doesn’t work on the iPhone, just iPod Touch.

I really like my bike, there was a Gary Fisher I had my eye on though, so maybe that will be my next bike. Using my iPhone and RunKeeper, I can keep track of my rides, miles, and share with my friends (which kind of helps you stay motivated too). Fun Stuff – Go By BIke!


Where Am I?

I added a mologogo map on the side of my blog. If I am out and about with my pocket pc 6700 with my GPS running, it should update where am, good for all you stalkers out there.


Pocket PC and GPS

For my birthday, I got Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 with GPS Locator and I also then bought a Pharos Bluetooth GPS Dock to use with my Sprint Audiovox PPC 6700. I tested it out yesterday and it works great. Now I have GPS location capablities with my phone, in my car, etc. My next step is to write an app for the phone to save up the coordinates to a web service, and map it out, so I can track where I have been, my routes, etc. I can also have a “Where is Steve?” page 🙂


PocketBlogger v1.1 Released

Changes in version 1.1

* ability to save username/password
* ability to paste into entry screens
* get recent posts (title and date) and then edit and delete

Other notes:
paste function will paste over everything written in entry box, so it would be best to write your whole entry in another text editor if you want to go that route.

saving username/password should work, if you are having issues with that, let me know and I can look into it. the program will connect to web on start and exit to save password locally encrypted.

still no setup program, but two dll files have been added, so you need to copy the exe and the 2 dll’s to the folder of your choice on your PPC for pocket blogger to work…

Download Pocket Blogger v1.1



Well, the last few weeks, I have been working on a new application…PocketBlogger.

I posted awhile ago that I wanted to post to blogger from my phone, well, I went ahead and made an application. I have created a website for it


If you have a PocketPC and a Blog, and want to try it out, go for it. Donations are gladly accepted, and any feedback or feature requests are gladly welcomed!!

If you do try it and have any problems getting it going, please let me know.