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New Bike, iPhone, RunKeeper

Since working at Trek, I have been hounded to get a new bike, even more so than by my friends in Portland when I lived there, and EVERYONE has like 5 bikes there.

So, I finally decided to pick up a new bike, a Trek 7.2 FX, Newport Blue, 22.5 inch. It’s a Hybrid – not a road bike, not a MTB, but somewhere in between.

Some pictures are here, of the bike building process, because when you work at a bike company, you take 25 minutes of out of the day to build a bike.

So after getting my bike, I had to get some more gear. The usual, helmet, lights, pump, bag, tools, all that stuff. Most other people will get a “computer” for their bike, a little electronic device to track speed, etc. Guess what? I already had one, it is called an iPhone (what doesn’t the iPhone do.. “there’s an app for that”.. is true.)

I jumped on Amazon and looked for a good armband for the iPhone 3G, with good reviews. This is the one I ended up with

So what other parts are there to this equation? The app of course. RunKeeper Pro. ( It lets you set your activity type, you start the music before you start RunKeeper, lock the GPS on, and start your activity. You can “lock” the screen so you dont bump it, and then tap it to get pace/speed info. It will also tell you every 5 minutes and/or every mile what your speed/pace is. Once you are done with your activity, you upload it to their site. It maps it out, elevation, speed, nice google map interface. Aggregates miles over weeks/months, and lets you share with your friends.

Here was a ride I did the other day,

RunKeeper really keeps you motivated. I haven’t used Nike+, but I am guessing it is pretty similar. But Nike+ doesn’t work on the iPhone, just iPod Touch.

I really like my bike, there was a Gary Fisher I had my eye on though, so maybe that will be my next bike. Using my iPhone and RunKeeper, I can keep track of my rides, miles, and share with my friends (which kind of helps you stay motivated too). Fun Stuff – Go By BIke!


Google Maps Street View comes to Madison!


Although, not as exciting as my street view in Portland, I live way back in the apartments in the back. No street passes by it. Although this is pretty cool. Good way to find your way around, or at least not get lost. But remember, Google Maps gets you lost!


Bird's Eye on Me

Check out my apt from a “bird’s eye” point of view

Online mapping has come a long way in a short time. Google Maps was taking the cake for a while, then it was maps (at least for the Central MN area), well now, Live Virtual Earth is really #1 at this point. With Bird’s Eye and also the 3D option you can install, its almost like Google Earth’s desktop client.

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I’d have to say that I am impressed with’s new mapping features. The imagery for Waite Park and St. Cloud area is better than google maps and, or any I have seen so far. You can actually get somewhat close with satellite view and it isnt blurry!


MSN Virtual Earth (Beta)

It looksl ike MSN Virtual Earth is out, I have been playing with it and I would say it is cooler thatn Google Maps!! Saint Cloud, you can actually zoom in and see to the max!!

MSN Virtual Earth (Beta)


Microsoft MapPoint Location Server

I have been working on setting this up lately, one caveat…The admin guide says that the SQL server certificate “Friendly Name” must match the computer name. Well, when going through it, the computer name needs to match the “Issued To” FQDN on the certificate. Scratched the head a little on that one for a while. I don’t know if it is an oversight or if I am just reading the instructions wrong, but soon I should be able to query my mobile device lat/long! (if all goes well)..

Microsoft MapPoint Location Server



I added BlogMap to my site today. It maps out where my blog is coming from, and how many bloggers are around me. I have been digging into the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, and this looks like a cool use for it.