Hitting the Threshold: More Facebook Friends than MySpace Friends

well, today, I have more Facebook friends than MySpace friends. That is a first. 149 to 147. What does that say? I have been on MySpace longer, so it seems that more people are using Facebook, or using both, now. I like Facebook better, for sure. They both could use some work though.

Seems that lately, I have been using Pownce and Twitter more than Facebook/MySpace.

Everything is cyclical


HTC Shift – I Want/Need One


Another mobile related post. Has anyone taken a look at the HTC Shift? Wow. This thing looks awesome. It is a UMPC, but can boot up Vista Business OR Windows Mobile 6. So you can use it as a cell phone, or a laptop. This thing looks like it would be .. better than the iPhone? One downside is it is a tad big to fit into your pocket. But this could replace your phone/laptop. Looks pretty much money to me.

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Madison Blogger Meetup

Trying to get a Madison Blogger Meetup going. There is a Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17843681384

Hopefully next week (Thursday  Feb 21st, at Mickey’s Tavern)

Everything is subject to change at this point 🙂

On an unrelated note, Obama is in Madison tonight, at the Kohl Center. I got called 3 times to go and twice to go by people here. I am not going, I will watch it streaming online and watch MSNBC for the Chesapeake Tuesday results 🙂

T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers – from T-mobile phone or Roaming

611 from your T-Mobile phone if you are in a T-mobile coverage area.

1-800-937-8997 otherwise (roaming)


Only reason I am blogging this is because I had a tough time finding it through Google even though it is on their contact us page (I think it should just show up in Google excerpt instead of me having to click!)